NumberSync for Samsung Gear S2 arrives

Use your smartwatch to call or text without having it tethered to your smartphone
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Back in October, AT&T announced it would roll out a new type of connected technology that would allow wearable device owners to continue to make and receive calls and text messages. Even if their smartphones are nowhere in sight.

That very technology, called NumberSync, is now available for the Samsung Gear S2. There were plans to roll it out on the now-cancelled LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition as well.

NumberSync acts as a sort of forwarding program that redirects calls and texts to your connected smartwatch. It uses your existing phone number, so friends and family don't have to add a new line to your contact card.

You can read and respond to text messages, make and answer phone calls, and even listen to voice messages. You don't need to be linked to a phone using Bluetooth - in fact, you could leave your handset at home.

Users link their secondary connected device (in this case their smartwatch) to their primary number on AT&T's Mobile Share plan. The Samsung Gear S2 has an eSIM tech built-in – a virtual SIM card that AT&T can link to your main account like a traditional multi-SIM plan.

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It's a big deal because, unlike previous smartphone tether-free smartwatches like the original Gear S, it means smartwatches no longer require their own SIM card, and crucially, their own plan. No more swapping SIM cards between devices, no more two phone numbers and only one bill.

Untethered smartwatches is something we're expecting to see more of heading into 2016 and has been highlighted in our Wareable 50 watch list as big trend for the smartphone companion.

Existing AT&T Gear S2 customers can get NumberSync up and running by downloading a software update. New customers can nab an S2 for $99 on a 2-year contract.

NumberSync for Samsung Gear S2 arrives

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