Customise your Samsung Gear S2: The best unofficial straps

Take a look at what accessory makers are launching soon

Now that the Samsung Gear S2 is on sale, it's time to trick it out with the best straps and watchbands. Already accessory makers looking to capitalise on Samsung's newest smartwatch by offering their own strap options.

The Gear S2 classic features traditional watch lugs, which means it is compatible with any strap that has a standard 20mm pin. However, the Gear S2 features proprietary connectors and will be more difficult to find compatible bands.

Below are a few of the companies Samsung has spotlighted so far that are making third-party watchbands for Gear S2 and Gear S2 classic.

Alessandro Mendini for Samsung

One of the earliest collaborations made known regarding third-party straps for the Gear S2 was from Alessandro Mendini. The Italian designer has put his iconic spin on the rubberized strap. The soon-to-be-released bands compliment minimalism and geometric design.


If you would rather wear leather on your wrist than rubber, Case-Mate has a natural options. The company has a black chevron leather strap with a studded clasp designed in partnership with Rebecca Minkoff available for the Gear S2 and the Gear S2 classic.


In the tradition of Swatch, Casetify has a variety of brightly coloured, wild-patterned bands to compliment the kid in you. The bands are made from sweat-resistant TPU. In the near future, the company will provide customisable options to let you use Instagram or Facebook photos as patterns on your band.

Chow Tai Fook

For a truly classic look, Chow Tai Fook has a line of bands that will be exclusive for the Gear S Classic and will launch in Hong Kong and China. They feature such luxuries as 18k gold with diamond accents, hornblende and genuine leather, and silver with diamond.


For a more versatile range of options, iTFit has a line of Gear S2 and Gear S2 classic bands that appeal to a variety of wearers. The Gear S2 bands are made from TPE, while the classic model will feature bands made of leather or woven cloth.

SLG Design

For fans of the more rugged look, SLG Design has a line of bands, exclusively for the Gear S2, that feature Italian Buttero, Minerva Box, and lizard skin pattern.


The details are still sparse with this company, but Incipio promises a range of translucent coloured straps made from TPU for the Gear S2, as well as woven fabric styles and premium leather bands for the classic model.

Check back with us to find out about additional third-party Gear S2 and Gear S2 classic watchbands. We'll be updating this list as more accessory makers join in.

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  • CherylGinunas·

    It is great to see a band selection in development for the Gear S2 Classic. I would love to be able to get a classic that is silver facing with a silver metal band....very classy. I am tired of the big bulky black faced look. Looking forward to new fashionable look with all the benefits included in the Gear S2.

    • mayhem·

      The classic is just a basic 20mm band.  You can pick up one anywhere.  The regular s2 however is a different story.

  • Yuko·

    none of these sites are actually selling anything for the Gear S2.

  • amyer516·

    where can I buy the replacement bands?????

  • Pinky362436·

    well it's now March 2016. Can't find these straps anywhere. Anyone know where u can buy them from?

  • SmoovNerd·

    Yup, I have been looking for these as well...the bands that come with the GearS2 Sport are terrible, both of them have broke on me.  :-(

  • JoeTooCool·

    Try the app Wish, they have em there,  sure they're China copies, but no one cares. 

  • lgerard·

    Bought the watch in December of 2015. Watch strap appears to have come "unglued" where it attaches to connector. It was nearly impossible to remove and replace strap once it was unglued at the connector. Went on the internet to find a solution and found that numerous people have had the exact same issue. Found an article stating that Samsung was replacing the strap due to the number of complaints however, after hours of trying to get through to Samsung Canada support and after a week of waiting for a response.... they said they would not replace. Before buying this expensive piece of junk, search "Gear S2 strap breaking" and you will see that it is a very common problem. Samsung Canada support will not honor it even with the overwhelming number of people stating the product is defective. The Samsung watch straps are expensive to replace - you can get a cheaper after-market strap.

  • BaldeJ·

    I'd love to see a leather bracelet for a band one day