New Huawei Buds Watch revealed – wtf have we just seen?

Video shows Huawei smartwatch with hidden skills
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A hands-on video of a new Huawei concept smartwatch has appeared online – and this could be one of the maddest wearables we’ve seen for years.

The scoop by Huawei Central, coming straight out of China, shows a pretty normal-looking Huawei smartwatch, with a major twist.

In the video, the smartwatch screen flips to reveal a pair of Huawei earphones inside the case. 

It would be an extremely useful way to carry headphones, rather than have the charging case in your pocket all day. It would save the risk of them getting lost or forgotten, and just the physical co-joining of watch and buds could encourage listening from the wrist.

However, there’s still so much we haven’t seen.

Firstly, it seems implausible that the Huawei Watch Buds are the same thickness of a normal Huawei Watch – and the videos seem carefully curated not to show the depth. 

The slots inside the case reveal that they could be small cylindrical buds, but whether they match up to the comfort, sound quality, and battery life we expect is a mystery.

Then there’s the question of charging. Not many people would give away vital smartwatch charge for their headphones. 

Huawei has generally offered over a week of battery life on its smartwatches, so if any brand could take up the challenge of powering two wearables in a single device, we’d bet on the Chinese behemoth.

It comes off the back of the Huawei Watch Cyber, which features a case that detaches from the band. It seems that Huawei is trying out some wild concepts, to see if it can pre-empt the next generation of smartwatches.

Tech brands regularly produce concept designs, so we’re not sure this will ever see the light of day – especially outside of China. But it’s a really interesting take on the idea of a smartwatch, and we’ll be following this closely.

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