Revisit Wareable’s 2022 wearable technology events

Revisit Wareable’s 2022 events
Wareable Issy Towell talk
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If you missed Wareable’s program of talks and events in 2022 – never fear. We’ve launched an on-demand service where you can get access to all of our talks.

In total there are 10 talks, including three panel discussions, delivering insights on the wearables industry from top insiders and experts.

Read on for a breakdown of our three wearables events and how you can access our box sets and on-demand access

The future of wearables 

Our first event saw Andrew Rickman of Rockley Photonics offer incredible insight into how his company was re-inventing the heart rate sensor, with all-new photonic technology, that will offer insights into metrics such as hydration tracking, blood pressure, and even glucose levels – all from the wrist.

He was joined by Issy Towell, of CCS Insight, who delivered a powerful talk on wearables for women, and how big tech companies have failed women so far – but how that could be about to change.

Download the box set here

Wellness wearables – how to FINALLY make them useful

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Our second event focused on the idea of wellness – but how adding sensors isn’t the answer to creating great experiences that deliver meaningful change.

Amaury Kosman of Circular Ring joined us to explain how his company was tackling the idea of ‘so what?’ And making experiences that encouraged people to use their data to feel better – rather than just stare at the graphs and relegate their wearable to a drawer.

He was joined by Suzaan Saurman, an entrepreneur and experienced advisor to huge wearables brands. She talked about her learnings from years of working with the likes of Jabra, Fitbit, and Pandora – and how to make wearables that matter to women and effect meaningful change.

Download the box set here.

How can wearables evolve from the smartwatch?

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Our final event of 2022 saw Qualcomm take to the stage. Pankaj Kedia outlined the company’s vision for wearables, where ubiquitous devices seamlessly talk together, and industries such as fashion, luxury, pets, and enterprise are all transformed by cheap, low-power, and slim wearable devices.

We also heard from Montblanc chief Felix Obschonka, who explained how Montblanc, a company steeped in centuries of traditions, has embraced wearable tech.

Download the box set here.

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