The next Samsung Gear smartwatch: What to expect from the Gear 3 and more

Samsung Gear Solo to be unveiled next month? A round Gear Fit 2?
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Since its initial unveiling in September 2013, Samsung's Gear family of wearables has amassed six members, including the Android Wear toting version, the Gear Live and the brand-new Gear S, which has its own 3G capabilities.

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With such a quick turnaround, it's no surprise that tech fans are eager to see what the Korean giant has in store for the Gear 3, Gear Fit 2, the Gear S 2, the Gear Live 2 or whatever moniker gets applied to the next Samsung smartwatch.

More features? An updated design? Maybe even a new operating system? Read on for all the juicy rumours and gossip.

Operating system of choice

The first Gear watch, the Galaxy Gear came sporting a modified version of Android, while the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo switched things up a bit by running Samsung's own Tizen platform - the in-house OS is also running the new Gear S. A few months is a long time in tech though and since Sammy ushered in its second range of wearables, Google made a play and released Android Wear, with the Samsung Gear Live announced at Google I/O in March. So, will the next iteration of the Gear come running Android Wear? Probably not.

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Samsung has spent a lot of time and effort developing Tizen, hoping one day it would have grown enough to be a true Android competitor. So far the only notable products running the operating system are the second-generation Gear watches and it's obvious that Samsung wouldn't want to put all of its eggs in the Google basket, so you can expect a few more Tizen powered smartwatches before Samsung goes all-out Android Wear.

Circular display?

While he haven't as of yet managed to get any real time testing the circular display toting Moto 360, we have a sneaky suspicion that round faced smartwatches might be the way forward. It seems Samsung might also be thinking the same thing, as recent patent filings show at least three prototype Samsung smartwatches ditching the square display and going all circular.

The next Samsung Gear smartwatch: What to expect from the Gear 3 and more

While patents definitely can't be used as concrete proof, it is at least some indication that Samsung is looking for different ways to add some flair to the design of future Gear watches. The patent designs were approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in July.

SamMobile recently reported that a new Gear smartwatch "with a circular design similar to the Moto 360" was in development.

The Gear Fit 2 however will almost certainly stick to its curved OLED display, a feature that was lauded as being the most unique about the fitness accessory.

Another year, another USP

The Gear line of watches have always arrived with a new unique feature. The first iteration had a camera and a speakerphone, while the second ramped up the fitness prowess with a heart rate monitor. We also saw a heart rate monitor on the Gear Fit, so we'd expect that to be sticking around for the Gear Fit 2 and Gear 3, especially if the rumours are true that Apple's mysterious wearable will also act as your personal coach.

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Instead of adding features, we'd actually prefer Samsung to slim things down a bit. Unlike the Gear 2, both the Gear 2 Neo and Gear Live ditched the camera - a great idea in our eyes.

Slimming down the feature set should also allow the use of a bigger battery, or one that'll last more than a day without charging. Speaking of charging, we'd also like the see Samsung ditch the pesky proprietary charging base and go wireless with the addition of Qi, which is how the Moto 360 is rumoured to receive its juice.

Next Samsung Smartwatch launch date

Samsung traditionally goes big at IFA, quite literally - it's the showcase where the Korean giant usually launches its latest Galaxy Note phablet. IFA 2014 is set to continue that trend with media invites being sent out for its next 'Unpacked' event to be held at the Berlin expo on 3 September.

The next Samsung Gear smartwatch: What to expect from the Gear 3 and more

Alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 we'd expect at least one new wearable device to be announced - aside from the Gear S, which was unveiled at the end of August. We could be in for a VR treat, with Samsung's Oculus Rift powered headset also touted for a grand unveiling.

Wareable will be reporting live from Unpacked, so be sure to hit the site on 3 September for all the official Samsung wearable news.

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