Martian's mVoice G2 adds a smart display under its analog face

More visuals for your smart assistant-enabled hybrid
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The original Martian mVoice was the first hybrid that put Alexa on your wrist. However, in practice that turned out to not be as useful as either Siri or Google Assistant, and the watch itself suffered from technical issues and mediocre design. Martian is hoping to fix some of those problems with the mVoice G2 - which adds Siri and Google Assistant as voice control options, along with Alexa.

The first thing you'll notice here is a much improved design. The G2 legitimately looks nice, with a big and bold watch face bordered by a simple stainless steel case. There are two buttons on the side plus a dial, and there's IP67 water resistance and a mineral crystal glass protecting that analog face.

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Or, well, it looks like an analog-style face at first glimpse. It turns out there's actually a smart display sitting behind those mechanical hands, expanding on the rather small display in the original mVoice (Look out MyKronoz ZeTime). Martian says you'll be able to use that display to do more things, like scroll through 20 notifications via the digital crown, call an Uber, order Starbucks, shop on Amazon and work with your smart home devices.

There's also a little LED that can flash in five different colors, which you can customize to correspond to VIPs or important apps. There's also features like the ability to control your phone's camera, use it as a stop watch and set up auto time syncing.

Martian's mVoice G2 adds a smart display under its analog face

Martian says the mVoice G2 features a low battery-consumption display, which will help you get seven to 10 days of battery life when using smart features and two hours of talk time. The analog part of the watch will work for 60 days on a single charge. You'll be able to get the mVoice G2 for an early bird price of $99 on Kickstarter, which is nearly half off of the full retail price of $245.

The improvements on the mVoice G2, notably the design and new display, looks like it could definitely benefit the overall experience. However, in our testing we found the original mVoice to be one of the more frustrating wearable experiences we've ever had, with bad battery life and Bluetooth issues. We'll have to wait we get our hands on this one to see if Martian has been able to solve those problems.

Martian's mVoice G2 adds a smart display under its analog face

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