Black Friday 2019: The Withings Steel HR Sport is at its lowest ever price

Grab this hybrid smartwatch before it goes
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Amazon's Countdown to Black Friday sale has kicked off in earnest, and there have already been plenty of headline-grabbing Black Friday smartwatch and fitness tracker deals. One such deal is this $60 saving on the excellent Withings Steel HR Sport. This genuinely good deal brings this hybrid wearable down to its lowest ever price.

The Withings Steel HR Sport is available with either a black or white watch face, and the good news is that both have been reduced in this sale so you can pick whichever suits your wrist.

Withings has been synonymous with hybrid smartwatches over the years, bringing discreet activity tracking to your wrist with devices like the Activite. The company was, for a time, owned by Nokia as well. It's now back under the original Withings branding.

The Withings Steel HR Sport adds in VO2 Max estimations and GPS tracking via your paired smartphone, alongside a heart rate monitor, making it a much more suitable outdoor exercise companion compared to the standard Steel HR. The perforated silicone band also means sweat doesn't become an issue, and the Steel HR Sport's lightweight build means it won't be a distraction.


Beyond sport, the extra digital display allows the Steel HR Sport to show notifications from your phone. While the display isn't the largest, it's useful to know what made your phone buzz in your pocket so you can decide whether it's worth paying attention to. It can also display extra information like your step count or heart rate.

With 25 days of battery life, you're not going to get longevity anywhere near that from a more traditional smartwatch. You can also get a further 20 days in low power mode where the Steel HR Sport just lets you know the time.

All in all, we were big fans in our Withings Steel HR Sport review, awarding it 4/5 and stating: "The Withings Steel HR Sport builds on all the things we loved about its predecessors. You’ve still got the handsome look, the long battery life and the great Health Mate app. But connected GPS and VO2 Max round out the Sport to satisfy those looking for an all-day tracker with running chops - with a strong optical HR sensor to boot."

We're not sure if this deal will stick around until Black Friday proper, so snap it up if you're keen. Be sure to take out a 30-day free trial for Amazon Prime if you're not already a member to get expedited delivery, too.

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