Apple Watch Black Friday 2019: Our deal predictions for this year

What you need to know about getting an Apple smartwatch on the cheap
Apple Watch Black Friday 2019 guide
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Black Friday is one of the biggest sales periods of the year - and for good reason. Bargains are abound on pretty much everything you can think of. But you're here because you want to pick up the Apple Watch for cheap.

The good news is that there are bound to be plenty of Apple Watch discounts among the Black Friday smartwatch deals. We know this because we've been covering Black Friday for the past few years, as well as monitoring the price of the Apple Watch constantly.

This means we're in a good place to predict what you can expect from the Apple Watch Black Friday 2019 sales.

Once the sales start, we’ll be keeping this page updated with the very best Apple Watch Black deals for Black Friday 2019 right through to Cyber Monday 2019 - so keep your eyes peeled.

Today's best Apple Watch deals

Apple Watch Series 3 38mm GPS/Cellular - Save $70
Apple Watch Series 3 38mm GPS/Cellular - Save $70
Apple Watch Series 5 40mm GPS - Save $15
Apple Watch Series 5 40mm GPS - Save $15
Apple Watch Series 4 44mm GPS - Save $99
Apple Watch Series 4 44mm GPS - Save $99
Apple Watch Series 3 38mm GPS - Save $10
Apple Watch Series 3 38mm GPS - Save $10

When is Black Friday 2019?

Black Friday 2019 this year will fall on 29 November, but it's worth remembering that Black Friday has grown beyond a single day event. We would mark out Monday 25 November through to Monday 2 December (Cyber Monday) in your calendars if you really want to grab an Apple Watch Black Friday deal.

As so many retailers now look to compete for your wallet, the discount wars increasingly start early. So expect a lot of back and forth between stores, but the biggest discounts tend to be over the Black Friday weekend. The one risk in waiting it out is that there’s only so much stock to go round, however.

Our Apple Watch Black Friday 2019 predictions

Apple Watch Black Friday deals: Your guide to picking up a bargain

Here at Wareable, the Apple Watch is our expertise. Not only do we review every model - putting them through their paces - we write guides on how to get the best out of them.

But, importantly, we also keep a constant eye on the price during sales periods like Black Friday and Prime Day, and every day in between. That means we have a good idea of the sorts of Apple Watch deals that will appear for Black Friday 2019.

Taking a trip down memory lane, for last year’s Black Friday, we saw the Series 3 drop to $259 (-$50) for the 42mm GPS model, and as low as $329 (-$80) for the Cellular option.

Of course, last year the newest Apple Watch was the Series 4, which was only released a few weeks before. As such we didn’t see many big discounts on the latest model.

Apple Watch Cyber Monday 2018 deals: Your guide to picking up a bargain

Everything has changed this year, however. The new Series 5 is now on the market and the Series 4 has been discontinued. There are still Series 4 models available, so the chances are high we’ll see large discounts as retailers clear stock.

An educated guess would be comparable prices for the Series 4 this year as we saw for the Series 3 last year. Expect around $270 for the entry-level Series 4 GPS model.

Apple Watch Black Friday 2019: Our deal predictions for this year

As you can see from the above price history graph, the price of the more premium Apple Watch Series 4 44mm GPS/Cellular has been rapidly dropping since the Series 5 was released. It'll only drop further for Black Friday.

The Series 3 has now had an official price cut and now starts at just $199 as the entry-level option. We've already seen some early Apple Watch Series 3 Black Friday deals including a record low price of $189. We would therefore predict the Series 3 could hit as low as $150, although $160 might be a more conservative bet. That's an extremely tempting deal.

If you’re in too much of a hurry to wait for Black Friday, check out our ongoing Apple Watch deals page for discounts available right now.

Which Apple Watch is right for you?

Apple Watch Black Friday 2019: Our deal predictions for this year

The differences in Apple Watch models is most prominent if you decide to opt for the Apple Watch Series 3. That's because that was the last model to have 38mm and 42mm sizes.

From the Apple Watch Series 4 onwards, Apple moved to larger 40mm and 44mm sizes, but shaved down the bezel around the display so the physical size of the watch is practically the same. The resolution of the Series 4 and Series 5 are also higher than that of the Series 3.

The newer Series 4 and Series 5 also add the ability to take ECG readings to detect abnormal heart rhythm and the internals are also upgraded with better performance.

Other benefits include a louder built-in speaker, which is useful for using Siri to read back information.

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The big change going from the Series 4 to the Series 5 is the latest model adds in a compass for the first time. That means improved navigation for certain apps alongside the GPS.

There's also an always-on display for the first time, meaning the Apple Watch can still display the time and basic complications even when the Watch is in standby mode.

Read more: Apple Watch Series 4 vs Series 5

Needless to say, all Apple Watch models will appeal depending on what your needs are alongside how much you're willing to spend.

The Apple Watch Series 3, for considerably less than $200, could well prove the most popular Black Friday Apple Watch deal.

Where will you find Apple Watch Black Friday deals?

Apple Watch Black Friday deals: Your guide to picking up a smartwatch bargain

In the US, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and Target have always been the biggest hitters when it comes to Apple Watch savings. In the UK, we would again keep an eye on Amazon, alongside John Lewis, Currys PC World and Argos.

Ironically, Apple direct has historically not been a particularly good hunting ground for Apple Watch bargains. That is unless you were picking up an iPhone at the same time. The best we’ve tended to see from the Cupertino firm is a free gift card when purchasing an Apple Watch and occasionally free bundled straps.

What Apple Watch Black Friday deals to avoid

Be particularly wary of picking up a grey import. These are products imported from abroad, such as from Hong Kong or China, and sold outside their intended territory.

These can occasionally get you a cheaper price, but you can miss out on warranty protection so it might not be worth it if you encounter any problems. You also might have to pay customs charges upon delivery and face a long wait for it to arrive.

Stick to reputable retailers in general. Keep an eye out for new sites that might crop up during Black Friday to take advantage of bargain hunters.

Now that you're up to date on Apple Watch Black Friday, all that's left is for the big sale event to kick off so be sure to check back during November. Happy hunting.

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