Fitbit has researched how lazy you are

According to Fitbit, we sit way too much for far too long
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If you think you're pretty active joining all those marathons and walking up stairs with a Fitbit Blaze on, think again.

Similar to how Basis collected information on Basis Peak users during the Super Bowl earlier this year, Fitbit's aggregated its own anonymous data from over a million Fitbit users in 2015.

It was found that on average, we sit on our bums for about 90 minutes at a time. This is bad news since sitting for long periods correlates with heart disease.

Interestingly, the data shows most Fitbit users love to sit in the afternoon between 2-3PM. That's followed by the early-work period, especially 10:30-11AM then post-work around 7:30-8:30PM at night, likely in front of the TV or dinner table.

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The older you get, the less time you spend walking around and the more time you spend sitting.

Sitting in college classes seemed like a lot, but total sedentary time increases rapidly between ages 20 and 24, by about an hour during those years and keeps going up with age. Specifically, you'll spend 30 more minutes doing nothing by age 30 and then another 30 minutes until age 55.

Interestingly, the Fitbit's data shows sedentary time decreases around retirement. Either not enough people that age use wearables, like fitness trackers, or they're actually moving about more.

To help combat the sitting dilemma, Fitbit has equipped Alta with reminders to move every hour if you haven't hit the 250 step goal. We noted in our review that it's a fun little way to get moving in comparison to the Apple Watch which just yells at you to stand up every hour.


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