This is how Basis Peak users reacted to Super Bowl 50

Basis has the play-by-play of your football experience
Basis Peak user insights during Super Bowl
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Hearts were pumping and tears flowed during the victory (and loss) of Super Bowl 50 (sorry Panther fans). But how does it all measure up when you factor in wearables? Basis has the details.

Jawbone already calculated what your sleeping habits were like before the SB50 but Basis took it one step further on game day taking note of heart rates, activity levels and calories burned from 20,000 anonymous users nationwide using the Basis Peak's sensors and algorithms.

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Apparently, the average amount of calories burned was 612 - or about two pizza slices. From the beginning to the end of the game, which is about five hours, users only took 756 steps, or less than half a mile. Talk about couch indentations... Additionally, people took about the same amount of steps per minute during game play and commercial breaks with men walking around more often than women.

Peak heart rate spiked before game began, likely due to all the excitement from people readying themselves to gorge on chicken wings and cheese dip, and taking final bets on the winning team.

Interestingly, the highest beats per minute was during the first quarter, when Denver fumbled and magically turned it into a touchdown. In general, heart rates were higher than usual on Sunday showing that people were pretty pumped about the game.

Predictably, it seems like the majority of Super Bowl 50 was spent on the couch with occasional spurts of anxious pacing - and perhaps throwing things at the TV. Even if you don't care about the un-official American holiday, it's still interesting to see the heart rate spikes and lack of movement your fitness tracker sees.

If you're curious about the full list of metrics Basis recorded, check out the infographic here.