There's an excellent deal on the Fitbit Alta HR for Amazon Prime Day

$60 off the heart rate-tracking fitness tracker

Fitbit got in ahead of Amazon with its own summer sale, but it also wants in on the Prime Day madness, so it's slashing $60 off the Fitbit Alta HR.

For all you maths fans, that brings the fitness tracker down to $90 ($89.95, to be exact), which is a fantastic deal for one of its latest and greatest fitness trackers and one that won our Wearable of the Year and Fitness Tracker of the Year awards at the Wareable Tech Awards. To put things into perspective, you'd normally be parting with $150 for it.

Fitbit Alta HR - $89.95, save $60 - Amazon

Fitbit Alta - $99.95, save $20 - Fitbit | Amazon

Fitbit Alta Special Edition - $119.95, save $30 - Fitbit

Fitbit Alta HR - $119.95, save $30 - Fitbit | Amazon

Fitbit Ionic – $249.99, save $50 - Fitbit | Amazon

Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition - $279.99, save $50, Fitbit | Amazon

It's also less than what Fitbit is asking for at its own shop front, where it's currently $119.95, although that offer will run all the way until 21 July. On Amazon, you've got just a day and a half (even less, when you're reading this).

The Fitbit Alta HR is one of the best fitness trackers money can buy right now. While less substantial than the Versa or Ionic (both Fitbit's smartwatches) it's a great all-rounder that tracks heart rate, sleep, and packs a 7-day battery life. It also looks pretty good.

Sadly Fitbit tells us the Versa won't be getting a deduction (it's still pretty new, remember) but here's a selection more deals now live from both Fitbit and Amazon.

Remember, you can keep a check on the latest bargains by bookmarking our Fitbit Prime Day deals page and our main Amazon Prime Day deals page. Got any questions about the Alta HR? Let us know in the comments section below.

There's an excellent deal on the Fitbit Alta HR for Prime Day


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