Fossil is practically throwing away its Wear OS watches - here are 10 available for $79

After exiting the smartwatch game, the Fossil fire sale has arrived
Fossil Fossil smartwatches major sale
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After exiting the connected watches market earlier this year, Fossil has begun aggressively selling off its stock of smartwatches and hybrid smartwatches - and you can pick one up for just $79.

Following Fossil's initial announcement of its departure, we did see major discounts on certain models from the company. However, this latest move appears to be a last-ditch effort to clear any remaining stock.

This fire sale doesn't include any of Fossil's affiliated fashion brands, such as Emporio Armani, Diesel, or Michael Kors, and instead mostly comprises the company's Gen 6 range of watches.

In total, we've counted 10 Wear OS Fossil watches slapped with the $79 price tag, with many being reduced from their original $299 RRP. There are also a few hybrids to consider, too.


Here is the full list:

  • Fossil Gen 6 Brown Leather
  • Fossil Gen 6 Black Silicone
  • Fossil Gen 6 Green Camo
  • Fossil Gen 6 Gunmetal Stainless Steel Link
  • Fossil Gen 6 Rose Gold and Purple Silicone
  • Fossil Gen 6 Rose Gold Stainless Steel Link
  • Fossil Gen 5e Rose Gold Stainless Steel Link
  • Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition Black Silicone
  • Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition Blue Silicone
  • Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition with Bumper and Interchangeable Strap

Naturally, it's a superb way of picking a Wear OS smartwatch running relatively new software - by far the cheapest way to access Wear OS 3.


But Fossil has only committed to software support for the 'foreseeable future' - which we would guess will likely only include bug fixes and software updates for the next year or so (if any are actually rolled out).

Of course, this also means no new features will arrive, either.

If you are looking to pull the trigger on one of these low-priced smartwatches, though, we would suggest doing so soon - stock will be finite and Fossil is offering devices at a much cheaper rate than third-party retailers like Amazon (at least for now).

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