Adidas miCoach service shuts down as Runtastic takes over

But you've got plenty of time to move your data

Adidas has announced it's shuttering its miCoach service and merging it with the Runtastic app.

Adidas bought Runtastic in 2015 and has continued to run miCoach alongside it, but that's now set to change. The switchover won't happen until 31 December 2018, so if you're a miCoach user you more than enough time to migrate your data over or move it somewhere else entirely. Until that point the service will run as normal.

That is, unless you're not an existing user, in which case you won't be able to sign up to miCoach at all from this point. We like miCoach (and even nominated it for a Wareable Award last year) but Runtastic is definitely the better platform of the two, with a lot more features on offer.

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You won't be able to transfer your miCoach training plan, but all of your personal information and workout data can be moved. Speed_Cell and X_Cell data can be transferred too but as fitness workouts, so the translation won't be perfect.

You can find an FAQ on the transition here, while Adidas's migration tool can be found here. Once the two are linked they'll continue to sync, in case you do want to keep using miCoach until it ends.

We're expecting new devices from Adidas very soon. It says it's out of the GPS running watch race for the time being, but we've heard word of a new fashion fitness tracker being worked on called the Chameleon.

Source: Android Police

Adidas is shutting down its miCoach services

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  • KatyQuerkly says:

    Hello, the whole Adidas approach is just one big disappointment!

    Replacement of the battery after warranty … still did not managed to reach anything (of course I got official response from Adidas – I tried already!

    And it is so simple to access this battery once you open watch – you would not believe it! And usual Lion battery – but you would have to order 1000 of them in China - good joke from Adidas. So you buy so expensive Smart run ADIDAS watch only to realize that you can trash them after 2 years! How nature friendly!

    And the whole Runtastic premium account – good joke as well /but you might enjoy paid plans … well maybe we will get them free … but there are no heart rate based plans! – definitely one of the reason why many of us bought such expensive gear. You could expect such a behavior from low end business – but from huge company like Adidas?

    The answer is well ….. YES! They got our money and they want MORE…. That is the whole business around.

    Can I suggest my friends again to buy something from ADIDAS - (I am sorry I did that mistake before and I really regret it, since now I (thanks to you ADIDAS) look like idiot in from of them)?

    Try to guess … Hopefully message about your business practice and “care for customers” will be spread, so that people know what to expect from you!

    How greedy! Enjoy your easy money!

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