​Adidas MiCoach and MyFitnessPal join forces

Nutritional data to be rolled in with fitness tracking on Adidas wearables
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Adidas has teamed up with nutrition app MyFitnessPal in a an effort to improve its miCoach training and fitness service.

The partnership will allow users of the miCoach services, which already includes an app, GPS running watches and even smart footballs, to sync their data with MyFitness Pal, enabling you to track your calorie intake, and make sure you're getting the right nutrition for your training.

Last month Adidas announced that it would be opening up miCoach to developers, and this looks to be the first fruit born from this new policy.

“Getting the right amount of calories and nutrients to meet your movement demands is critical to maintaining energy, protecting the immune system and maximising adaptation to training," said Amanda Carlson-Phillips, VP of nutrition and research at performance lab EXOS.

She added, “Nutrient trackers like MyFitnessPal are not just for those looking to lose weight. Nutrition trackers are a wonderful tool for anyone who wants to ensure that they have the right nutrition to fuel their movement and their goals."

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Adding nutritional information is a much needed boost to the miCoach service, after Jawbone stepped up its food tracking service in an update to its UP24 fitness band. The company updated its app with improved meal logging and extended app integration.

Both the MyFitnessPal and miCoach apps are available to download on a host of platforms, including iOS and Android.

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