Adidas Chameleon fashion fitness tracker and All Day app set to launch in 2017

All the details so far on Adidas' upcoming lifestyle wearable
Adidas Chameleon wearable to launch in 2017

Adidas might be getting out of the GPS running watch race, but the sports giant is not giving up on wearables altogether it seems. That's because it's working on Chameleon, a new lifestyle tracking wearable, and All Day, a new health, activity and wellbeing app to match.

Wareable has been told by a source that Chameleon and All Day are set to launch in 2017. It's likely that Chameleon will be the final branding but bear in mind this could be a codename (though it has been used on Adidas Originals footwear before).

We don't have firm specs yet, but we know that the smart band/bracelet and All Day app will track activity, health and sleep metrics. The Chameleon will also sport some sort of low power, e-paper (or similar) display rather than the LED matrix we saw on the miCoach Fit Smart.

There's no word on heart rate, GPS or other sports-focused biometrics - it seems that Chameleon will be a 24/7 lifestyle wearable. No details on price yet either.

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This will be a fashion tracker will plenty of colour customisation options including metallic finishes. The Fit Smart doesn't match the best fashion tech pieces in 2016 and with the new direction in mind, it could be aimed more at the Fitbit and fashion crowds than previous Adidas wearables.

We don't have any images of the upcoming wearable yet - note: the pics in this story this story are the Adidas miCoach Fit Smart which was given activity tracking features in an update last year and the Smart Run.

Bringing something unique to trackers

This seems like a pretty smart move to us - focus on coaching and training features for other running watches and sports wearables and tap into Adidas' brand power to go after not very active or semi-sporty people. It's exactly what Fitbit CEO James Park said he was going after during a chat at IFA.

When we spoke to Stacey Burr, Adidas' VP of wearable sports electronics, in September she told us: "We're not going to see a new running watch from Adidas for a while. There will be some additional hardware in the future that we're very excited about but we're looking, on the running side, at how we can bring our algorithms and coaching and training plans to other device platforms, in addition to Smart Run."

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We took that to mean we wouldn't see any new wearables from Adidas for a while but Burr did only clarify we wouldn't see a new running watch. The Chameleon branding has been used on Adidas trainers before and we assume it refers to the customisation that it looks like will be available on this new tracker. "It's a tougher game on the hardware side now," Burr told us last month. "You really have to look at what can an individual company bring forward that's unique."

As for the app, Adidas spent €220 million buying Runtastic in 2015 so we're not sure yet how its 70 million users fit into Adidas' overall ambitions.

We'll update this story with any more juicy details we get on Adidas' wearable tech and health & fitness platform plans.

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