40 essential fitness apps and devices that work with Apple Health

Make the most of Apple Health
Best Apple Health apps to download
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The main aim of Apple Health is to provide a single point of reference for all your aggregated health and fitness data. Sure, a good amount of the info is captured via the motion co-processor nestled inside your iPhone and the sensors in your Apple Watch

But it also collects data from third-party devices and apps, and the more you plug into it the more information you receive. The more information you receive, the better idea you have of your overall health.

Working out which gear and apps work with Apple Health isn't always easy, so we've done the hard work for you to come up with a comprehensive and current list of the best options out there.

Best Apple Health compatible devices

Apple Watch Series 3

39 essential fitness apps and devices that work with Apple Health

As you would expect, Apple's own wearables work well with Apple Health - it would be a big surprise if they didn't. So if you're in the market for a wearable that seamlessly syncs activity into Apple's ecosystem then that's one more reason to buy Apple's timepiece.

Take a look at our in-depth Apple Watch Series 3 review.

From $329, apple.com | Amazon

Amazfit Bip

39 essential fitness apps and devices that work with Apple Health

The smartwatch with 45 days of battery life not only looks like an Apple Watch, but its data can be fed right into Apple Health via the Mi Fit app. You'll have enough battery life to rarely worry about charging at night, making the Bip a pretty solid selection if you want wrist-based sleep tracking. Don't forget the solid GPS performance as well. Best of all? It's nice and affordable.

Check out our full Amazfit Bip review.

$99.99, amazfit.com | Amazon

Wahoo Tickr X Heart Rate Monitor

apple health compatible devices

A chest strap monitor is still the best way to measure your heart rate, even if it's pricey, and this premium model from Wahoo has the benefit of syncing seamlessly with Apple Health for you. 16 hours' worth of data can be stored between syncs too.

Have a read over our full Wahoo Tickr X review.

$79.99, wahoofitness.com | Amazon

Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor

40 essential fitness apps and devices that work with Apple Health

Apple purchased Beddit, which may be the ultimate endorsement of its products. The Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor is a favorite at Wareable, and it's easily one of the best sleep trackers you can buy. You just slip it under your sheets and sleep away, using the companion app to handle all of that data.

The Beddit 3 is no longer available on Amazon, but you can still snag it on Apple's site.

$149.95, apple.com

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

apple health compatible devices

Xiaomi's latest wearable comes with its own stats app but you can just as easily sync it with Apple Health as well, and if you want a basic wearable to go with your iPhone then this is one of the best value options available at the moment... if you can get hold of it.

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$28.68, mi.com | Amazon

Best Apple Health apps: Fitness

Nike+ Run Club

Best Apple Health apps

Apple and Nike go way back, and if you use Nike+ Running when pounding the pavements, all the information from your run can be logged by Apple Health on your iOS device upon your return, including distances, times and the intensity of your workout.

Free, Nike+ Run Club

7 Minute Workout

The ever popular workout app will log the calories burned during your seven-minute fat-blasting regimes through Apple Health, as you get down and give your iPhone twenty. You get exercise timers, instructional videos, a personalised plan and more.

Free, 7 Minute Workout


One of the most well-known fitness apps on iOS and perfect for the all-action sports star: Endomondo lets you share information from walks, hikes, cycles and even orienteering. You name it, Endomondo tracks it, and then deposits the data in Apple Health.

Free, Endomondo


Best Apple Health apps

If you're looking for a simpler route to fitness, give Human a try — it eschews complex workouts to focus on getting you active for 30 minutes every day, and you can then build up from there. Tracking is automatic on compatible iPhones and the Apple Watch.

Free, Human

Garmin Connect Mobile

Garmin Connect has grown to become one of the most complete health tracking platforms out there, and the app is capable of instantly writing active calorie burn, steps, walking data and running distance to Apple Health so you've got everything in one place.

Free, Garmin Connect


A firm favorite among runners, this daily activity tracking app covers everything from walking to sprinting, and brings with it deep integration with Apple Health too. Steps, active minutes, and calories burned are all logged and can be saved in the Health app. It's also got some wonderful training plans if you're looking to get into running.

Free, Runtastic


The more dedicated gun-sculptors among you can share data from DailyBurn's range of power workouts through Apple Health, including total calories burned and information on the types of workouts completed. There are over 150 workouts to pick from.

Free, DailyBurn

Carrot Fit

Best Apple Health apps

Carrot Fit is ruder than your average fitness tracker. It takes a brash, colourful approach to keeping you on course and will let you know about it (in a hopefully humorous way) if you miss a workout or start piling on the pounds again. It's refreshingly different at least.

$3.99, Carrot Fit


More than just a phone-based activity tracking app, Fjuul monitors the intensity of your exercise, enabling you to push yourself further, whether you're walking to work or vacuuming the house. Of course, all information can be synced with Apple Health.

Free, Fjuul

Dance Party

Best Apple Health apps

Party like it's 2004 with this dance-off app that pairs your iPhone with an iMac or Apple TV. Mirror the moves on screen, and your device acts as a motion sensor to give you points. Yes, it's a fairly niche way of getting fit, and yes your data gets synced to Apple Health.

Free, Dance Party

Get Moving

An activity/sedentary lifestyle app, Get Moving pairs with Health to use information from other apps to color its own data. For example, if you're tracking calories with Health, Get Moving uses that data to estimate if you're doing enough to burn them off.

$0.99, Get Moving

Map My Run

Map My Run now offers 24/7 activity tracking on iOS as well as in-depth analysis of your runs, information from all of which can be logged Apple Health. As well as running, the app can track over 600 types of different sports for a more complete picture.

Free, MapMyRun

PEAR Personal Coach

PEAR's workouts and training can be synced with Apple Health so you can review metrics such as distance, calories, and heart rate among your other fitness data. You get your own personalised workouts and a 30-day trial of the service by installing the app.

Free, Pear Training

Strava Running and Cycling

Best Apple Health apps

Strava's excellent app makes full use of the iPhone's built-in co-processor for the tracking of runs and bike rides, and users can opt into have information shared to the Apple Health app too, which is handy if you use other apps and fitness kit alongside Strava.

Free, Strava


Pretty much the ultimate walkers app, Trails provides topographical tracking of your country jaunts, and enables you to load downloaded GPX data from the web. On the Apple Health side, it automatically saves all your exercise details into the app if you let it.

Free, Trails GPS

Zova Personal Trainer

Zova won't shout at you to feel the burn but it will help you squeeze some personalized workouts into your hectic schedule. Whether you've got 15 minutes or 15 seconds to spare. All of the data can be synced to Apple Health to live with the rest of your fitness data.

Free, Zova


Best Apple Health apps

Runkeeper has been one of the most popular running trackers on the iPhone for many years now, and it syncs neatly with Apple Health if you want to keep all your runs in one place. The basic features are free and you can pay to upgrade to the higher levels.

Free, Runkeeper

Zombie, Run!

If running to a pre-set playlist or the country sounds isn't enough to keep the legs pumping, you can always turn to the soothing sound of zombies chasing you. And thanks to some integration with Apple Health, all the instances in which you worked out to the beat of impending doom can be synced.

Free, Zombie, Run!

Best Apple Health apps: Food trackers


Best Apple Health apps

Lark bills itself as a "personal weight loss coach and nutritionist" and keeps an eye on your exercise, sleep and diet, sending you advice and motivation as and when it thinks you need it. Thankfully, food logging is done through a simple Q&A system, so it's easy to do.

Subscription required, Lark

Weight Watchers

If you're a Weight Watchers member using the app for its food tracking database, Apple Health can display fat, carbs, fiber and protein information through one central dashboard. What's more, the same dashboard will show your points scores.

Free, Weight Watchers


This barcode-scanning app for food tracking integrates some useful calorie information into Health, as well as records of meal and food intake, and it also works with Runkeeper, Nokia, and Moves for a pretty complete picture of your overall well-being.

Free, Lifesum

MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

One of the best diet trackers in the App Store full stop, and the Apple Health integration just adds to the appeal. Log meals and weight data to get an at-a-glance view of your intake on the dashboard, with the option to record exercise from here too.

Free, MyFitnessPal


More than 20 million recipes at your fingertips, syncing support for popular shopping platforms like Instacart, and Apple Health integration (by way of nutrition and calorie counting) — what more could you want for keeping tabs on your eating habits?

Free, Yummly

My Diet Coach

Doing pretty much exactly what it says in the name, My Diet Coach helps you keep on track through reminders, motivational photos and a reward system. Even better, integration with Apple's Health app will let you keep tabs on weight, calories and nutrients.

Free, My Diet Coach

Best Apple Health apps: Reproductive health


Best Apple Health apps

Health added menstrual cycle tracking capabilities with iOS 9 and this is one of the best apps to take advantage of it: there are 31 tracking categories here covering reproductive health, including periods, sex, pain, moods, cervical fluid and birth control pills.

Free, Clue


Like the aforementioned Clue, this is an app for tracking ovulation, fertility and period patterns. As well as Apple Health integration, Glow brings with it personalised insights and predictions, access to an active community of users and medication reminders.

Free, Glow

Best Apple Health apps: Sleep tracking

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Best Apple Health apps

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is smart enough to track your sleep patterns through the noises you make (and your iPhone's microphone). It can log your sleep time in Apple Health, and wake you up in the morning at the most natural time to fit your circadian rhythms.

Free, Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker

Make sure you're getting enough quality shut-eye by pairing Beddit's latest in-bed sensor, the accompanying app and Apple Health to keep tabs on total sleep, sleep cycles, heart rate and even levels of snoring. It's one of the most comprehensive sleep tracking options.

Requires device, Beddit


It's all right there in the name. AutoSleep automatically tracks your sleep. It is best used alongside your Apple Watch, but once you've got it all paired up you really don't have to worry about a thing. Well, except for checking how you slept in the app. You can also check your sleep in Health, but it's not as comprehensive.

Free, AutoSleep

Best Apple Health apps: The rest

Qardio Heart Health, Weight and Blood Pressure Monitor

If you've got a Qardio tracker to hand you can use the accompanying app to log everything in Apple Health. Qardio goes beyond basic fitness to take a detailed look at blood pressure and most aspects of your cardiovascular health.

Requires device, Qardio

Golfshot Plus

Best Apple Health apps

A more unusual addition to the Apple Health family, the popular golf app sits quietly in the background monitoring steps, calories, and the pace of your play, while you find new ways to ruin a nice walk. You'll need the premium app to get Health integration though.

Free with $29.99 in-app purchases, GolfShot

One Drop

One Drop is a diabetes management app and can be invaluable if you're living with the condition. It's a straightforward logging system letting you keep track of glucose, food, medication and activity. All of that info can be piped into the Apple Health app too.

Free, One Drop


Best Apple Health apps

Streaks is all about, well, streaks — building up consecutive days where you've cut down on the caffeine, or been for a lunchtime walk, or gone without a cigarette, or whatever habit it is that you're trying to form. You can track up to six tasks daily through the app.

$4.99, Streaks

Nokia Health Mate

Nokia's app works with Apple Health, which means you can also connect all of its related devices, from the Activité watch to Steel HR to the smart scales the company makes. In fact there's very little you can't measure from the Nokia range of apps and devices - as long as they're around, at least.

Free, Nokia Health Mate


Apple Health isn't just physical health and food, it's also about mindfulness. If you have an Apple Watch, your Breathe app activity will go in that section. If you want something a little more robust you can turn to Calm, which not only will help you get into meditation but has Sleep Stories aimed at getting you to sleep more efficiently.

Free, Calm

If your favorite Apple Health compatible app isn't included, let us know using the comments below.