Strava now connects to Apple HealthKit and adds activity trimming

Big Strava update inbound
Strava now connects to Apple Healthkit
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Strava has announced its platform will now sync with Apple Healthkit for the first time – and has introduced actvity trimming for when you forget to turn off your running watch.

Those who workout with activity tracked by an Apple Watch will now be able to sync their data to Strava, without using the dedicated app or a workaround solution.

The Apple Watch supports third party apps, and Strava is one of the better out there – but you can only track cycles and running sessions.

What’s more, using the app means the activity doesn’t appear in the Apple Activities app, and won’t count into various challenges. So in theory this should offer the best of both worlds for Apple/Strava users.

To enable the feature, go the Strava app and Profile > Settings > Applications, Services, and Devices” and choose Apple Health.

We’re still awaiting confirmation that all of the Apple Watch’s data is logged into the Strava app, and it’s not a hobbled experience.

It’s also not been confirmed what data, if any, goes the other way and fleshes out the stats within the Apple Health ecosystem. However, screenshots of the feature show an option to send Strava data to Health – although Garmin, Suunto and Polar and most fitness brands have that functionality anyway.

It will also be a huge shot in the arm for Strava, which also announced this week that it has passed 50 million users, which have combined for 3 billion tracked workouts.