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How to use Garmin Jet Lag Adviser

Don't let your training suffer because of long-distance flights
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Whether you're a frequent flyer for business or you enjoy planning race events in different time zones, Garmin's Jet Lag Adviser is a must-have tool.

Debuting through the Garmin Marq (Gen 2) range, the feature tailors advice to help you acclimate before your trip, during your stay and even after you return.

We haven't had the chance to test the feature out and tune our training around a long-haul trip just yet - stay tuned for our first-hand experience of that - but, below, we've been able to mock up a trip and show you exactly how Jet Lag Adviser works.

Below, find details on which watches can access the feature, where you can find Jet Lag Adviser in Garmin Connect, and the kind of advice you can expect to see on the wrist. 

Garmin watches that support Jet Lag Adviser

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Right now, Jet Lag Adviser is exclusive to the Garmin Marq (Gen 2) range. 

However, if you're the owner of one of Garmin's more premium sports watches - or one of its newer smartwatches - it appears likely the feature will land at some point in 2023 as a software update. 

The company told Wareable during the Marq (Gen 2) launch event in October that the feature would be coming to Fenix, Epix, Forerunner and Venu devices, but didn't specify which models or a timeframe for when we could expect the rollout.

As ever, we'll update this section when this changes.

How to get started with Jet Lag Adviser 

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Before you can start receiving advice regarding your trip, you'll need to add your trip details in Garmin Connect and then sync them over to your watch. 

To find the Jet Lag Adviser section, hit the three-line menu in the top-left corner, tap 'Training & Planning' and then 'Jet Lag Adviser'. You'll then be prompted to add trip details, including your departure date and location, as well as your destination and arrival time. Then, you'll repeat the same process for the return leg. 

Trip details are automatically deleted once you've returned to your local time zone. 

Using Jet Lag Adviser on your watch

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Prior to your trip, the Garmin Jet Lag Adviser widget appears as in the image above - and is really just an extension of what you already know. However, things kick into gear 1-2 days before your departure date. 

You'll begin getting advice on the following: caffeine intake, nutrition, activity, sleep, napping, light exposure and avoidance, and melatonin (which is actually turned off by default). 

Once your trip begins, Garmin told us the widget and tool will transform into more of a timeline. You'll receive both time-sensitive and general recommendations based on the factors of your trip, as well as an indicator of your body's 'feels-like' time. You can actually also turn off advice for each individual section, as well, if you feel like you've got it under the control, which is neat.

In its current form, the functionality is relatively basic and focused largely on your trip details. 

However, when we spoke to Firstbeat - the now-Garmin-owned team behind metrics like HRV Status and Training Effect - about the feature back in October, it was hinted that Jet Lag Adviser would eventually take into account and work alongside other metrics, such as Training Readiness.

We're expecting this extended functionality to arrive when the feature is rolled out to more Garmin devices later this year, but it's also possible it doesn't arrive at all, of course.

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