The week in wearable tech: Xiaomi's rumoured duo

A look back at the big wearable tech headlines of the last seven days
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Samsung is coming back with new wearables. Xiaomi also has some new devices in the pipeline too. And there's been a major takeover in the connected health space.

It's been another busy week in the world of wearable tech. Check out our dedicated news hub for all the stories in detail but, if you're pressed for time, have a quick read below for a roundup of all the big stories...

Xiaomi's rumoured duo is no kidding

The week in wearable tech: Xiaomi's rumoured duo

The above is the brand new Xiaomi smartwatch. But it's not quite the one we were waiting for.

The kids GPS smartwatch is named the Xiaomi Mi Bunny, also referred to as the Mitu Watch, and is now on sale for $59/299 yuan.

In other Xiaomi news, the Mi Band 2 was pictured this week, and it looks somewhat of a Fitbit Charge HR rival, with an LCD display on board.

Nokia splashes the cash on Withings

The week in wearable tech: Xiaomi's rumoured duo

Nokia is getting into digital health and wearable tech with the acquisition of Withings, the French company that really 'gets' the connected health movement.

The deal, worth €170 million, will see Withings swallowed whole by Nokia and, according to Ramzi Haidamus, president of Nokia Technologies, positions the company "to lead the next wave of innovation in digital health."

Apply to Topshop's wearable bootcamp

The week in wearable tech: Xiaomi's rumoured duo

Topshop has opened applications for Top Pitch, a month-long programme for pre-retail wearable tech startups in London. Teams will present to Philip Green.

Top Pitch, which will take place in central London, is described as a "development programme" looking for wearable tech that appeals to a Topshop customer at an accessible price point.

Crowdfund this

The week in wearable tech: Xiaomi's rumoured duo

We've covered Melomind a few times in the past - the concept was first shown off way back in January 2015 at CES. The connected headset wants to get rid of stress by using hi-tech biofeedback - reading your brain activity and transmitting it to a smartphone app where it's translated into music.

It's now back, in more normal looking headphone form and is our crowdfunding pick of the week.

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