This headband lets lazy people control Netflix with their mind

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Every so often, Netflix runs a hack day for its employees to come up with interesting and bizarre new ideas, some of which may one day become a serious product.

Among the bunch of concepts from the latest hackathon is a headband that lets you control Netflix with the power of thought. Not just any headband, but the brain-sensing Muse band we reviewed back in 2015.

The 'Mindflix' band uses electroencephalography waves to read electrical brain activity, and as we can see in the video below, not only can the wearer move their head to navigate menus, but also start a show by simply thinking "Play".

The joke here is that this is the lazy person's dream gadget - and that's true - but also consider the use case for people who are less able to reach for a remote when they'd like to. There's a lot of potential in a device like this.

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But of course, it is just a concept, and not one we're likely to see become a reality until the tech is perfected (we found the brain sensing was often off target in our review).

Neat idea though, and paired with a stress-busting wearable, we reckon this would make for a perfect night in. It's also not the first wearable concept the company has come up with - anyone remember the Netflix socks?

This headband lets lazy people control Netflix with their mind

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