The Upright Go aims to solve your back pain and screen slouch

The posture training company is back at it again
Upright Go aims to solve your back woes
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Upright is returning to solve all your back pain woes with the Go, the successor to its first lumber-based slouch tracker.

The UpRight Go is set to drop on Kickstarter in March, focusing on the upper back and aiming to help office drones around the world to sit up properly.

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Like its predecessor, which focused on the lower back, the UpRight Go has been designed to be a discreet (unless you're on the beach) solution. Once you've managed to find someone to fix it onto your upper back, the device is able to track and train your posture by providing feedback to prevent aches and muscular pain.

The Upright Go aims to solve your back pain and screen slouch

This is then based on the information you feed the companion app, such as how many hours a day find yourself sitting around and how regularly you suffer from discomfort, with daily goals and tip videos also provided.

Of course, with poor posture acting as the sneaky cause of many health problems, there's a band of posture wearables out there just waiting to have your back. Like almost every other posture trainer out there, we suspect you'll be receiving real-time haptic feedback to let you know when to shape up.

There's currently no details on when the product will ship to its prospective and aching, er, backers (providing it reaches the funding goal), but we do know you can pick one up for $59 — a helpful 40% off the eventual retail price.

We'll keep you posted when the campaign goes live and we have all the ins and outs of the UpRight Go.

The Upright Go aims to solve your back pain and 'screen slouch'