Motorola VerveLife wearable range for fitness lovers on sale 16 June

VerveCam social camera and VerveRetrieve pet tracker MIA
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Back in February this year, Binatone announced its range of Motorola branded VerveLife wearable accessories and now they are finally up for the grabs. Well, some of them.

There's five devices in total although some are wearable in the more traditional meaning of the word. The ones that do stand out include a GoPro-style video camera, a GPS pet tracker and a pair of Moto Hint-esque wireless earbuds.

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The VerveOnes wireless earbuds (£199) and VerveOnes+ (£229.99) follow in the footsteps of hearables like Bragi Dash and Samsung's Gear IconX, although they are only about listening to music. The more expensive version gives you a IP57 water and sweat resistant design so they can hold up in the rain and during a sweaty workout.

You can control playback from the buttons built into the earbuds, and they promise three hours of playtime. You also get a portable charging case that can power up the buds and offer up to 12 hours of power.

We've spent the last week with them and while they definitely do not budge out on a run, we were hoping for a bit for more in the audio department, particularly in terms of clarity. The Bluetooth connection is a little patchy too.

Motorola VerveLife wearable range for fitness lovers on sale 16 June

Additionally, there's VerveLoop (£59.99) sports headphones along with the VerveRider (£59.99) and VerveRider+ (£79.99) neckband-style headphones.

As we mentioned, not all of the range is launching this summer. The VerveCam social camera (£149.99) will arrive in September. It can shoot 2.5k video with a 138-degree field of view and is also capable of live streaming directly to YouTube thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi. There's time lapse and slow motion modes and the bundled IP67 waterproof sports case let's you shoot underwater up to 30 metres depth.

The VerveRetrieve pet tracker is expected to arrive later this year as well. It's an IP67 certified waterproof tracker so your pup can take it for a swim and also comes with 1 year GPS tracking, virtual fencing and a wander alert.

All of the VerveLife products will work alongside a Hubble companion app that will be available for both iOS and Android.

The headphones from the VerveLife range are already available to pre-order from Amazon if you fancy a pair.

Motorola VerveLife wearable range for fitness lovers on sale 16 June

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