And finally: Microsoft working on super wearable health sensor

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And finally: Microsoft's health wearable
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Grabbing the headlines this week, more big Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 details have leaked out while we could playing with an Apple Watch with groundbreaking display tech in 2020. The Huawei Watch 3 might not be dead after all while Apple brought back its Walkie Talkie smartwatch app after the discovery of a security vulnerability.

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Read on for a few lighter stories for you to tuck into if you need that extra hit of wearable goodness.

Microsoft wants to make wearable health sensors better

And finally: Microsoft could be working on super wearable health sensor

Microsoft got out of the wearable game when it decided to ditch its Band fitness tracker/smartwatch hybrid. Since then, we've seen more and more patents crop up that suggests it's not done with wearable hardware just yet.

The latest patent describes a non-invasive multi dimensional optical sensor that could be incorporated into a wearable. In the patent, Microsoft argues that it can get rid of the inaccuracies currently associated with the one dimensional sensors used in wearables today with this new setup.

This multi dimensional sensor will apparently be capable of measuring a whole host of data including arterial heart rate, pulse waveform, arterial stiffness, tissue pulse rate, and arterial blood oxygenation.

The images accompanying the patent filing suggest that the sensor could be worn in a variety of places including the wrist, upper half of the arm and even on a pair of glasses. Like all patents, we can never know whether something like this will ever see the light of day. But it is interesting that there seem to be more of these wearable-related patents cropping up from Microsoft, which seem to suggest its wearable ambitions are far from done.

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Oppo patents a folding smartwatch

And finally: Microsoft could be working on super wearable health sensor

We recently revealed that IBM patented a bizarre folding smartwatch concept and clearly it wasn't alone in thinking this would be a good idea.

Chinese tech outfit Oppo was granted a patent for a folding smartwatch in 2018 and those folks at LetsGoDigital did their rendering magic once again to give us an idea of just what Oppo was thinking.

The result is a watch with a rectangular screen with a screen that folds out to the side. Like the IBM patent we have a lot of concerns just how durable a watch like this would be. Also, it's not going to be the daintiest of watches to wear either is it?

Oppo has confirmed it's working on a folding smartphone and while it has worked on smartwatches in the past (but never released one), maybe it's working on something that folds on the wrist as well.

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Fitbit and Garmin sued by Phillips

And finally: Microsoft could be working on super wearable health sensor

Philips is going to war with the two wearable tech giants as the company launched suits against Garmin and Fitbit as it believed the duo's devices infringed on the company's own technology.

Suits have been filed in the US that allege that technologies used to support features like GPS and data connections have been infringed and Philips claims Fitbit and Garmin should be paying licensing fees for the patents being used. It also claims Fitbit has been taking advantage of that tech since 2007 and Garmin since 2014.

This isn't the first time we've seen legal wrangling between wearable tech companies. Fitbit and Jawbone were involved in a long running dispute before an agreement and settlement was made in 2017. We imagine this won't be the last we hear about these suits either.


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