Puma teams up with Fossil, Wear OS smartwatches expected in 2019

They think it's all fashion brands, it isn't now

Sports giant Puma has signed a 10-year agreement with Fossil Group in order to bring its own smartwatches to the market, with the first piece of wristwear set to land next year.

It becomes the first sportswear company to collaborate with Fossil, joining the horde of fashion houses currently sitting under the banner, such as Emporio Armani, Michael Kors and Kate Spade.

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Many of the brands partnered with Fossil have made their introduction to the world of full-fledged smartwatches and Wear OS (previously Android Wear) over the past year, though it's not yet clear whether Puma's smartwatches will be of the same variety when arriving in 2019.

However, we do know that they will only be available through select department stores, specialty retailers and online, while Fossil will handle the distribution of the devices.

Again, while it's not yet confirmed whether the Puma's watches will run Google's Wear OS, it would be a bit of a shock if it initially leaned with a hybrid smartwatch design.

From Puma's perspective, it's also a deal which follows the lead of rivals Nike and Adidas, who have previously partnered with Apple and Fitbit, respectively. Like with the collaborative efforts we've seen from these pairings, we expect the Puma-Fossil mashup to focus on tracking activity, as well as offering as sporty design.

It also comes after Puma partnered with wearable startup Lumo last August, with the aim of developing a product powered by the artificial intelligence coaching platform, though the status of this is still unclear.

The Puma-Fossil partnership is set to run until 2028, so it's likely that we'll see several iterations of Puma's smartwatch line, as well as 'dumb' watches, but only time will tell if the upcoming devices gather the same steam as some of Fossil's fashion house designs.

Puma is teaming up with Fossil to launch Wear OS smartwatches

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