Early Black Friday savings on the Apple Watch Series 4

Pick up a stainless steel model with a $300 discount
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It's happening: Apple Watch Black Friday deals are starting to land. And the Apple Watch Series 4 is now as low as $299 – offering a great way to get the new look design and ECG technology, without paying full whack for a Series 5.

The best current deal is over at Best Buy. There you can pick up an Apple Watch Series 4 for $299. It ships with a 40mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band.

There are two amazing deals doing the rounds on Amazon. First, a GPS only 44mm version for $299 and an LTE version for $399.99.

This latter deal represents a saving of around $300 from the typical asking price for a GPS and Cellular model featuring a stainless steel case.

The biggest saving and best value is available with this 44mm version of the Apple Watch - the bigger and more premium model - though there's also money to be saved on the smaller Series 4 variation, which comes with the cheaper with the aluminum case.

Again, this is the lowest we've seen this model so far - representing a total saving of $55 - and there's no guarantees it'll get any lower than this before Black Friday arrives on 29 November.

Need a reason to buy the Series 4? Well, there's plenty. Despite the arrival of the Series 5, this is still very much the second best smartwatch you can buy, and offers only an incremental step down from the latest model.

Essentially, if you don't particularly care about the Always-On Display capability of the Series 5, you're not missing much by choosing the Series 4.

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This was the first Apple Watch model to deviate from the original design, and offers features like ECG readings, LTE connection for support away from your phone and GPS location tracking for workouts.

And, remember, since this model has been discontinued by Apple, deals will likely last only as long as stock lasts. However, it won't just be Amazon offering sweet savings on the smartwatch; every major retailer vying for your attention with Black Friday smartwatch deals.

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