Casio relaunches its best Pro Trek smartwatch with a lower price

Oh, and it's blue now
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The weather is warming up and hiking season has started in earnest - a good time for Casio to announce its new Pro Trek smartwatch, a cheaper version of the WSD-F20 model it launched last year.

The new WSD-F20A runs Wear OS and crams in all the same features we got in 2017's version, but for $100 less. What's the catch? There isn't one: you still get built-in GPS, 50m water resistance, an altimeter, barometer and digital compass. Casio told us that the features are all the same. The only cosmetic difference is that it now comes with an indigo shell, but it retains the 810G-level durability.

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This is the closest member of the Wear OS family to something you'd pick up from Garmin or Suunto, an even better outdoor Wear watch than the Nixon The Mission. With offline mapping, GPS and excellent durability, it's a watch designed to take on the elements, though it's still a beast in size. Battery life is still a drawback, as we noted in our original review, though the monochrome mode can stretch it a little further.

Bear in mind that the watch doesn't have a heart rate monitor nor NFC. This is a watch made for explorers more than runners (though you do have that build-in GPS to play with. And remember you're getting Wear OS here too, so you'll have access to all the usual available Play Store apps and usual fare.

Casio says the new watch will be available on 1 May for $399.

Casio relaunches its best Pro Trek smartwatch with a lower price

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