TicWatch Pro doubles up on screens to keep you wearing it longer

Wear OS smartwatch does a Casio to boost battery life
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Mobvoi is swelling the Wear OS smartwatch ranks with the unveiling of the TicWatch Pro, where it's hoping a new display approach will help give it added appeal.

The Pro appears to be a more luxury alternative to the sportier TicWatch E and S smartwatches running on Google's operating system, promising to offer fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring and the ability to make contactless payments.

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The headline feature here, though, is the display that sits on top of the OLED touchscreen one. Mobvoi has employed a FSTN LCD display, which is the kind you'd expected to find on budget digital watch faces. The idea is that the main OLED screen remains dedicated to when you want to interact with all things Wear OS. So notifications, Google Assistant and the likes. The secondary screen will be used to display more basic information, such as fitness data and the time, when that main screen is turned off.

That second screen also gets something called an 'Essential Mode', that when activated turns off the Wear OS-dedicated screen and will be able to display information such as your step count, heart rate as well as some other features that Mobvoi is planning to add into the future. The hope is that using this dual screen setup will help improve battery life, which is said to be two days on the TicWatch Pro and 30 days when used in Essential Mode.

Mobvoi isn't the first Wear smartwatch maker to take a dual screen approach to improve battery life, as we know. Casio's Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20 features something similar with its monochrome watch mode. But it does sound like there'll be room to access more information on that second screen through the Pro.

It's expected to be available to own in the summer, with a sub-$300 price tag and the possibility of a LTE version on the cards, too. We'll hopefully get our hands on one before then to find out if this double screen-packing Wear watch is worth getting excited about.

Source: The Verge

TicWatch Pro doubles up on screens to keep you wearing it longer

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