Google Jacquard is back for epic Adidas soccer insoles collaboration

And EA is getting involved too
Jacquard hits Adidas smart insoles
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Adidas, Google and EA have teamed up for the latest instalment of Project Jacquard – the Adidas GMR – a pair of connected soccer boot insoles.

The Adidas GMR insoles will measure your performance on the pitch offering feedback on ground covered, as well as kicks and ball control metrics.

But that’s not the full story. The stats will be used within the FIFA Mobile game for player rewards. Adidas states: "The Adidas GMR creates a brand-new category of football innovation that enables players to impact virtual perform."

What that means in non-PR speak, we think, is that how you perform on a real soccer pitch will have implications on how you can spend points within EA's mobile version of the popular FIFA franchise; such as completing unique challenges and hitting milestones to improve their in-game teams and getting rewards and ranking in global leaderboards.

For the uninitiated that are wondering what on earth Google Jacquard is – it’s a smart clothing project from Google’s ATAP (Google Advanced Technology and Projects) division.

It’s seen two product launches so far: a denim cycling jacket made by Levis with touch sensitive controls in the sleeves. This was followed by an Yves Saint Laurent bag that followed in 2018 with touch controls in the straps.

The feature set here is completely different to previous Jacquard outings, which saw touch controls woven to fabric.

For $40, you'll get a pair of the smart insoles; one active one for your dominant foot (where the sensor slips in) and a dummy one for the other. The battery is said to be good for a couple of matches before you'll need to charge using Micro USB. It's on sale now, directly through Adidas.

You'll have to download the Adidas GMR app first and sync it up with your EA account to start earning the FIFA rewards.