Samsung is sizing up square smartwatch switch

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Samsung could launch a square version of its Galaxy Watch – according to a new report.

The rumor, reported by Sammobile, states that bigwigs at Samsung HQ in South Korea are ruminating over a change in shape.

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“We hear that the idea is enthusiastically being considered internally and it's very much on the cards that the switch is going to happen. It will be interesting to see how Samsung implements it and how it convinces customers to embrace it again, now that they've grown to love the circular design of the Galaxy Watch series so much.”

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As you can see, there are no sources quoted or any evidence provided – so it’s very much in the nonsense and hearsay category. But we’re suckers for this kind of rumor – and after generations of very similar Galaxy Watches, who doesn’t get excited about an entirely new look?

The original Galaxy Watch and Gear Live (see main image) were both square, but since then every Galaxy Watch has used a circular watch face.

In fact, Wear OS smartwatches in general have been exclusively circular (for the last 5 years anyway) – and the whole interface has been geared around that shape.

So why the switch?

Well, it goes back to a question as old as smartwatches themselves. The watch industry is dominated by round cases, but on a smartwatch, you can present data much more naturally on a square face. So which is right?

Apple has fastidiously stayed square in the face of constant calls for a circular version – and it’s worked out okay.

It may also be a strategy to compete with Apple. Or to hoover up some more market share for those looking for a different kind of smartwatch.

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