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Gear S2 and S3 on iOS: Get Samsung's smartwatch working with an iPhone

You can get your Tizen smartwatch playing nicely with Apple

Listen up iPhone owners: Samsung is letting the Gear S2, the Gear S3 and the Gear Fit2 play nice with Apple iOS devices. After a limited iOS beta program in 2016, the official apps went live back in January.

Samsung originally revealed that it was bringing iPhone compatibility to the Gear S2 when it launched the Tizen-running smartwatch back in 2015. Since then, Samsung had promised to add support and it was supposed to land in early 2016. It took a little while longer to get things up and running we're finally there.

You'll need at least an iPhone 5 running iOS 9.0 or later and it's a similar story to Android Wear on iOS where some of the features best optimised for Samsung's own phones and Android phones.

Gear S2 and S3 on iOS: Get Samsung's smartwatch working with an iPhone

What you can expect is the ability to customise notifications, download free apps from the Samsung app store, pull in calendar appointments and access fitness and activity tracking features through Samsung S Health.

There are two different apps - one for Gear S smartwatches and one for the Gear Fit 2.

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  • Fiveok9 says:

    I was This/Close to selling my brand new gear 2 classic on eBay to buying the "square" (Apple Watch). 

    Hopefully I won't have to wait much longer for this tease??

    I never could get the beta version to work with 7+ before the crash loop. ...waiting!!

    • daddulin says:

      I have a 7+ myself and I got an S3 yesterday. 

      Works quite well I must say with the beta that is around. 

      install via an iTunes sync the IPA file you can easily find on the web. 

      Then reboot iPhone and S2. 

      Boot up S2. Don't open Gear manager app yet. 

      Open Bluetooth on iPhone. 

      Connect and pair to Gear S2. 

      THEN open app. It'll setup. 


  • Culim says:

    Hope it also includes Samsung Pay

  • Bigaapl says:

    the official apps are out 

  • andrewbourque says:

    i need help I can't connect to my s2 within the app! I can connect via Bluetooth on my phone and reset the watch like it says but cannot connect to the restored watch within the app help please! Iphone 6s plus ios 10.2 

    • fdken says:

      I have exactly the same experience, same phone and ios

    • fdken says:

      I have exactly the same problem, found a link that says problems with iOS 10.2 iPhone 6 and 6plus.  Hope they resolve the problem as I have waited until today to buy s2,  as was told would be iPhone compatible 

    • luisen says:

      Have you found the solution? The same happens to me with IOS 10.1.1.

      • fdken says:

        Short answer no, connected via Bluetooth but doesn't give access to the app and full features.  They should have put the incompatibility on the app page and not hidden on the website.  Then I wouldn't have bought it on false promises, should return it.  Awaiting an update

        • luisen says:

          the same happens to me. I connect by bluetooth and I have few functions. The thing is that I think the app should work. I think the problem is that I can not upgrade to the latest smartwatch firmware, and that causes me to not be able to access the app. I will try to connect it to a samsung phone and try to update it from there.

        • luisen says:

          when i try to upgrade gear tells there is not a new software, but i think it is not true.

          • akafast says:

            I have this same issue, and also suspect this is the case. Anyone have a workaround yet? Otherwise will probably have to wait until a patch comes out...

        • luisen72 says:

          Finally I did it. I had to use a samsung that lent me. I downloaded the app on it so I could update the watch. Then reset it to factory settings and finally the app on the iphone connected it.

          • fdken says:

            Thanks,I had to update software through an Samsung phone and via the app, not via the watch. Always said no update available even though there was.  Reset the watch.  Then connect by app on the phone.  20 minute process.

            Without Luisen's guide wouldn't have worked as I had tried setting up on Samsung but didn't update through the app.  When set up there no longer is an option on the watch

    • clafis71 says:

      Same problem with iphone 7 and ios 10.2. I've been waiting so long for this gear app and now it won't work :-( 

      I can pair iphone and gear s2, but the app says no gear device found. When I try to update the gear without app it finds no new software. 

      • luisen72 says:

        Finally I did it. I had to use a samsung that lent me. I downloaded the app on it so I could update the watch (Needs update althought it says no). Then reset it to factory settings and finally the app on the iphone connected it.

        • clafis71 says:

          Thanks a lot luisen, I will try that! 

        • clafis71 says:

          Finally I could update my Gear S2 with the Samsung Smartwatch of a friend. And yes, it worked and now I was able to connect it with the Gear-App on my iPhone. Thanks a lot!!!

  • Big_Toe says:

    Anyone heard any comments about the Gear S ? Will this be included in the IOS compatibility ?

  • Big_Toe says:

    Has anyone heard about the Gear S ? Is that one excluded from the IOS compatibility ? 

  • Poyajayne says:

    help I've downloaded the gear app onto iPhone, but it won't find my gear fit 2 from Bluetooth? Please help am I missing doing something? Thank you 

    • crystalb says:

      There is a separate app for the Fit 2. The Gear S app is for the S2 and S3, the Gear Fit app is for the Fit 2.

  • Chocolatelatte says:

    I can't connect my gear fit to IPhone 6. Any suggestions?

  • Fishtire76 says:

    are all of the faces now available over iOS?

  • jacquesallison says:


    In this article you state: "and access fitness and activity tracking features through Samsung S Health." how does this work? is the Samsung S Health app available on the Apple App Store ?

  • Mhywdotcom says:

    iPhone 6 + iOS 10.2, Bluetooth correct pairs, can receive notifications like before. Today installed Gear S App. After failed + factory reset. No way Gears keeps saying no gear device found. But it's connected via Bluetooth. Help!

  • Mikerg says:

    Barely works. Loose bluetooth connection the whole time. Beta was much better :-(

    Iphhone 6s with 10.2

  • dbaessle says:

    My "together" feature will not show up on my gear fit 2 now. I have it paired with my iphone and now i lost that feature on the watch. Anyone else having this issue? Anyone have a

  • smittyworben says:

    how can we get contacts to sync

  • angrygadgetguy says:

    Well, I somehow was able to get my S2 to connect to my iPhone 6s on 10.2 without using any other device. The key definitely appears to be the ability to update the Gear s2. I'm sharing what I did with the hope that it works for you.

    1. place the watch on the charging cradle

    2. started up the update on the s2

    3. i kept touching the screen so that the watch would not turn off its display (to me it looked like the update was resetting itself everytime the screen turned off)

    4. update got to 100% and reset itself a few times.

    5. started up the Gear app on the iPhone, the app reported that it could not find a device but the watch reported that the iPhone wanted to connect to it, so I allowed it.

    6. the watch wanted to do a reset and I selected light reset

    7. once the watch finished resetting, it all worked.

    Not saying that this works, i am just that it worked for me. Good Luck.

  • G13n88 says:

    How come SOS feature is not added?? but on the version people have on youtube they have it, but the one on the App Store does not?? how does that work :'( I should have gotten a Apple Watch instead :'(

  • Haldunuraz says:

    I am using this device since 16.02.2017. I mean trying to use it but device stops responding every other week. It requires a reboot :) after reboot ta daaaaa! Every thing is gone :) no s health info no setting nothing there. I asked to samsung about the issue. They told me to factory reset the device. I did as instructed. It was stable for 2 weeks than the resets come alive :)

    I have informed the customer service and asked for a solution they told me to wait while shealth and watch team will be connecting me. After two weeks i have informed them that no one contacted me and asked for a refund. And their response was they have nothing to do and i have to wait. I think i hate samsung :)

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