And finally: Samsung Gear VR 2 landing soon and more

A look back at the wearable tech titbits and murmurs from the past seven days
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And finally is the place for the stories you might have missed from the last seven days. It's those wearable tech NIBs, murmurs and blips that lost the fight to make it onto our homepage thanks to headline-grabbing stories like the new Fitbit duo in testing and the pair of Nexus Android Wear smartwatches that are coming soon.

Read on to get right up to speed...

Samsung Gear VR sequel mentioned

And finally: Samsung Gear VR 2 landing soon and more

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone is expected to arrive in August and Galaxy Club has spotted an interested companion listed alongside it from an Indian retailer.

The Samsung Gear VR 2 could well be the SM-R323 device listed - the original VR headset was R320 and the follow ups were the R321 and R322.

The Samsung Gear VR is Oculus powered, don't forget, it's not just a cheap mobile VR headset.

Apple Watch to get Night Shift boost

And finally: Samsung Gear VR 2 landing soon and more

Could the Apple Watch 2 come with a Night Shift feature? Introduced with the latest version of iOS, Night Shift uses an iPhone's clock and geolocation to determine when it's sunset and automatically shifts the colours to the warmer end of the spectrum.

Patently Apple has uncovered a recent Trademark application that implies that Apple could extend the tech to in-car systems and smartwatches too.

Big Samsung Gear S2 update imminent

And finally: Samsung Gear VR 2 landing soon and more

We started with some Sammy news and we'll end with some too. SamMobile has reported that a major update is set to land for the Samsung Gear S2, bringing photo watch faces, direct Facebook fitness updates and more.

The Gear S2 is currently ranked as Wareable's top smartwatch pick so any updates can improve its standing. Of course, the sequel - the Samsung Gear S3 - is expected to launch later this year too.

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