Form AR swim goggles hook up with Apple Watch and Garmin for open water tracking

Garmin and Apple Watch provide the heart rate and GPS
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Form, the augmented reality swim goggles, is updating its headset to be used for open water swimming – and it's leveraging smartwatches for the extra sensor data.

The connected swimming goggles got a massive 4.5/5 score in the Wareable review – and we loved the ability to view performance metrics like split times, distance, stroke rate, pace per 100 in real time. However, it was always limited to the pool.

But now, thanks to a software update, users can now connect to Garmin smartwatches and Apple Watch, which can leverage the GPS connection and heart rate monitor positioned on the wrist.

This means that the Form goggles will be able to show GPS performance metrics and heart rate in real time while swimming outdoors in open water.

It won’t be all Garmin devices, however. Only the Garmin Forerunner 945 and Garmin Fenix 5S Plus and Fenix 6 will get the functionality.

For Apple Watch it’s a bit more open, with the Series 5, 4 and 3 all compatible.

Form AR swim goggles hook up with Apple Watch and Garmin for open water tracking

“Open water capabilities is something that we’ve seen enormous demand for ever since we launched the Form goggles last year,” said Form founder and CEO Dan Eisenhardt.

“Giving swimmers the ability to access performance metrics in both the pool and open water really completes the experience that we’re providing with the goggles. And as we look forward to the loosening of restrictions surrounding COVID-19, the timing for open water capabilities seemed right. For many of us, swimming outdoors is a highlight of the summer. We hope this will enable our customers to make the very most out of their swim, and their time in nature.”

The open water features can be accessed following a firmware update. You’ll then need to connect the goggles to your chosen smartwatch.

It’s an added extra to a great package – and Form is still one of our favourite applications of AR eyewear out there.

We loved the solid companion app and integration for platforms like Strava that will give it added appeal. People may well baulk at the $199 price, but if you're big into your swimming then there's plenty to like here.

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