InBody’s body composition smarts are making their way to MyZone

Get ready to keep tabs on your body fat percentage
InBody’s smarts are coming to MyZone
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InBody has announced an integration with MyZone that will bring biometric feedback to users of the heart rate monitoring platform.

The partnership will see InBody's body composition data brought to the table, meaning body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass, body water and basal metabolic rate will now be available to view.

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This means that people strapping on MyZone's chest strap, for example, will now be privy to the biometric stats, and not just the gamified feedback and more basic metrics, such as calories burned.

"Being able to see an increase in muscle mass and a decrease in percent body fat are equally important [as calories burned] to gym-goers," said Dan Park, InBody director of sales. "With our MyZone partnership, users can track their progress and measure trends over time. They can also see their heart rate and workout intensity for that day."

InBody's smarts are making their way to MyZone

The move is an interesting one, considering MyZone has focused on incentivising users through the power of points, social media and live heart rate monitoring. When the integration is complete, this will mean users will also be able to access more serious after-session metrics to help them gain insights into how they are improving.

However, for those who don't necessarily understand body composition stats, it's not yet clear if tips will be in place to help an individual, say, understand how to decrease their body fat percentage with the assistance of the chest strap.

Still, with body composition stats hard to come by, with one of the few being the TomTom Touch, for example, this is a solid step in the right direction for those looking for more detailed stats.

InBody's smarts are making their way to MyZone