Hykso boxing wearable will make you king of the square ring

Track punch count, workout intensity and a whole lot more
Hykso wearable is built for boxers
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Hykso is a wearable designed for people who prefer hitting the punch bag to jumping on the treadmill or hitting the weights at the gym.

Developed by University of Canada graduate student Khalil Zahar, the boxing wearable consists of two sensors that slide into your hand wraps.

Each one is packed with an accelerometer and a gyroscope to measure movement and speed. This can then track punches as well as measure strike intensity to make sure you're getting the most out of your session.

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Data is sent in real time over Bluetooth to the Hykso iOS app where you can also compare performances against professional fighters, track development over time and download a host of training drills designed for professionals.

A host of boxing gyms have already been using it, while WBA world champion Javier Fortune and unbeaten welterweight prospect Rashidi Ellis have both been training with it. Hykso has also been part of live boxing events as well monitoring fight data from inside the ring and displaying the stats to the crowd on a big screen.

There's not exactly been glut of great wearables designed for boxers. Failed crowdfunding campaigns like the StrikeTec sensor specifically come to mind. Perhaps the best example so far has been the Moov Now, which is capable of delivering some useful metrics during boxing workouts. The difference here is that the Hykso is built for boxing only.

You can pre-order the Hykso Fit sensor from the company's website, which gets you a pair of the sensors and a charging station for $219.99. That's down from its $249.95 retail price. There's also a Pro version as well, but that's designed for elite and professional pugilists.

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