​Moov Now review

The wearable sports coach is back, but can it impress the second time around?

The original Moov was one of our favourite sports wearables of last year, and now the company is back with Moov Now, which adds fitness tracking into the mix.

UPDATE: We've now tested swimming and cycling performance in more focused reviews. Check out our cycling tech group test and swimming tech review for in-depth analysis.

Moov Now is a refinement of last year's tracker, both in terms of design and features. The original was a dedicated sports coach, designed for running, cycling, swimming and boxing – but the second returns with daily activity tracking added to the mix, as well as a heavily modified design.

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But can the company translate its original plucky sports tracker into a meaningful mass market sports giant? There's no easy ride for the start up here – so join us as we put Moov Now through its paces.

Moov Now: Design

Moov Now review

Let's start with the design. The original Moov was a chunky old sensor that attached to a fairly haphazard holder. Moov Now has been shrunk to a third of its original size, and feels much more manageable.

It still packs an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer – the trio of movement sensors that enables it to provide so many coaching stats – yet it doesn't feel as unwieldy as before, especially on the wrist.

The strap itself is also a triumph. Securing a sensor has proved to be difficult for some brands – we're looking at you Misfit – but Moov's new strap is a stroke of design genius. It's a silicon band with a tight pouch that the sensor slips into. It's secure, the unit never falls out and the holes in the top add texture and catches the light nicely. Someone actually thought it was a diamanté finish, the crazy fools.

The only issue is the security of the clasp, and it's easy for it to slip open when caught thanks to the shallow pins that you press through holes in the band. At night was a particular challenge, and we sometimes found it lying in the bedding come morning.

You get two straps in the box – large and small – which is helpful as you do need to position the Moov Now around your ankle for running and cycling tracking.

The other big change is the battery. Moov Now switches to a watch battery rather than a rechargeable lithium, so it offer six months of battery on a single charge. With the addition of daily fitness tracking this is a great move, and it's nice to have your Moov ready for a training session when you are.

Moov Now: Activity tracking

Moov Now review

In terms of features, the Moov Now carries all the same sports as before – but now in one app, rather than the six individual apps from the previous device. More on the sports tracking later, but daily activity tracking is the biggest notable addition to the mix.

User feedback asked step and sleep tracking to be added and Moov obliged.

In the same app as the sports tracking, Moov will track activity in the day and keep a tab of your active minutes during the day, and sleep at night. You can see these on the home screen of the app (below).

It's slightly basic – and that's a little disappointing. It certainly doesn't hold a candle to the likes of Jawbone, Fitbit or even the Apple Watch, and that's a shame. You can't dive into advanced stats on your sleep or stats, just scroll through time on a less than useful graph and see totals displayed.

Moov Now review

Moov also isn't that great at logging your sleep time. If you're still, it assumes you're asleep, so our sleep time was often logged as the entire time we were in bed. And if you forget to wear Moov, then it logs that as a mega long sleep time, which then messes up your averages.

It's useful feature for offering a more three dimensional picture of your fitness life, but it feels half-hearted, and that's a bit of a shame.

Moov Now: Sports coaching

Moov Now review

Where Moov has always excelled is sports, and it's important to emphasise the coaching element. A running watch is not a coach; it will not make you a better runner.

Running and cycling get the most coaching, while swimming and boxing sessions are tracked and reported. Finally the app will guide you and count reps for 7 Minute workouts, helping you progress from level to level as you get stronger.

Moov features a host of training plans designed to help you achieve goals and then uses a voice coach to affect your performance in real time. And in this regard, it's the leader out of a handful of similar products.

When you go out for a run, you can choose training plans from running efficiency, intervals and open training. These are given clear and beneficial names such as 'help me run farther and easier', 'improve my pace and distance' and 'push me to the limit.' It's the stuff hardcore runners want, and presented in a way that's not scary for newbies. It's a great selection of training plans, for all levels of ability.

When you head out for a run, the voice coach will explain what you're trying to do, and then keep tabs on the metrics and tell you when you're getting it right – and more importantly, how you can do it better.

Moov Now review

Running efficiency is a personal favourite, where the coach urges you to keep a high cadence over a series of intervals. Tips include "swing arms faster" and "take shorter strides", but will also jump in if you're hitting the ground with too much force ("be lighter on your feet") or it notices your posture degrading ("shoulders back" and "don't clench your fists").

When cycling, Moov Now will urge you to "change gear for an optimum cadence."

It works in a similar way for sprint intervals and speed endurance programmes, with the coach's voice giving you tips as you go, based on real time stats. And it's these stats that make Moov so unique. As well as stealing GPS from your phone for all the usual pace, distance and time stats it also tracks range of motion in your legs, g-force through your foot and cadence.

And that's just for running. It will detect and count your swimming strokes, show your cycling cadence and power (only accessible through very expensive kit before) and even the power of your punches on the boxing bag. All from one sensor. It's in a league of its own and highly impressive.

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Each of the programs has around 40 difficulty levels, which you can switch between even in mid-session. And it doesn't hold any prisoners. We consider ourselves to be fairly competent runners, but even level 4 training plans pushed us hard. It's a real tool for improvers.

The only bugbear is that the indoor cycling metrics we were promised from Moov haven't showed up yet, but the company has proven its committed to adding new features, so we still hold out hope.

The 7 Minute workout was also, on the whole, excellent. We've seen some coaching devices recently, like the Jabra Sport Coach, that claim to take you through the training but won't count reps. Moov Now gets things right, and will track your arm position to tick off press ups, squats, sit ups and more – as long as you copy the form of the coach within the app.

It's not perfect. We'd like to see a better variety of exercises here – burpees and squat jumps are notable absentees on the workout list, and forget weights in the gym – but the program is easy to follow and enjoyable to do. Apart from some issues with sit ups taking a while to register our starting position, the 7 Minute workout segment is a triumph – and the progression through the levels actually adds an element of addictive gamification.

That is potentially something that's missing from Moov in general – there's no social elements to make friends with other users and challenge each other. Something that's done well within the Jawbone ecosystem.

Moov Now: Downsides

Moov Now review

Well, despite all the great additions to Moov, there are some big caveats.

Firstly, Moov needs your phone for coaching and GPS tracking and that's a real pain. Phones are massive now and strapping one on is starting to be a real drag. But Moov needs it because it takes the GPS data and plays the audio coaching through the phone app – so for this generation, you're stuck with it.

That's actually a dealbreaker for some. Editor-in-chief Paul flatly refuses to use Moov because taking his iPhone 6 Plus out on the trail is an insane thing to do – and that's a valid reason.

I usually run with my phone for music anyway – but the launch of the new TomTom Spark had me hoping I could ditch my phone. But to use Moov, that's just not possible.

Moov Now
Wareable may get a commission

The only caveat is that Moov is best for the short burst interval stuff, so you don't need to take it on EVERY run. We ended up using it for our short run days. But that means you lose your data for the long runs.

That also goes for cycling, where you will need your phone somewhere about your person, which makes training slightly difficult. However, you can leave your phone in the swimming pool locker room and sync up the data when you get back.

The second problem is that the coach's voice really starts to grate when you're really on the limit. She's robotic and monotonous, and often speaks too quickly. You can add reduced coaching, but that's not really the answer. She just needs an upgrade.

Moov Now: The app

Moov Now review

One of the biggest changes to the Moov ecosystem is the release of a brand new app that encompasses all sports – rather than the individual running, cycling, swimming etc there was before.

The app itself is straightforward and easy to use – displaying your daily stats front and centre, and then enabling you to switch to individual sports by tapping the icons across the top.

Every time you start a session – be it a run or 7 Minute workout – you just need to tap the Moov's button to pair it, and we're glad to report the process was always seamless.

You can also connect third party heart rate monitors into the mix as well, providing they use Bluetooth and not just ANT+.

Another nice touch within the app is the My Progress bar, which lists all your activities as achievements. As there are so many stages to work through, the My Progress tab will show off your current level and also list how many different workouts you've done. There's a good feeling attached to upping the level number, and completing a workout that's marginally harder than the last.

The long and short is that Moov does a better job at promoting and tracking your progress in your training than other wearables. Whether you're doing your first 10k or going for a sub-3 hour marathon, it's that attention on your personal achievement rather than spitting out data that stands it apart.

Moov Now
By Moov
A triumphant return, with its smaller size, improved strap and six months of battery life, Moov Now is a more mature tracker that's ready to be a big name in sports technology. It's geared towards helping you be better at the sports you love, rather than reporting how you did. It's an easy and compelling sell, and for our money, is what wearable tech should be about. Some of the misgivings remain: the need to carry your smartphone being the biggest downside to the device. However, just as with the original in 2014, there's still no device that can match the Moov in terms of benefits to your fitness.

  • Coaches and tracks
  • Displays progress
  • Great for all abilities
  • 6 months battery
  • Need to take your phone running
  • Coach's voice is robotic and annoying
  • Daily activity tracking is basic
  • Strap comes undone now and then

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  • Suprie·

    I just hope the apps will available also in Apple Watch. 

    • RamonD·

      Why would they make an app that works with Apple Watch and other types? They want people to buy the Moov Now. 

      • yogibimbi·

        Ummm, ever tried putting your precious Apple Watch around your ankle?

  • HFGEnthousiast·

    This gadget aims to teach you the concepts of a healthy life. As mentioned, the truly novel feature of the Moov is real-time coaching feedback in a wide variety of exercise programs. At the moment, the Moov is pretty much out on its own for what it can do. The device tracks your movements, analyzes them and gives you a comprehensive report on how you are doing, after, as well as during the workout.

    Even in this niche, some improvement, especially in the software side and in terms of an interface to track progress and compare similar workouts, would be needed for it to be a mature product. A heart-rate monitor and a screen on the device are perhaps features we would like to see in the future.

    Another good review can be seen here:


  • smithgw10·

    I don't believe it has silent alarms/vibrate features which would be nice.

    One of the convenient features on Jawbones is the lazy reminder vibratation, or the configurable wake vibration alarms based off a window and deepness of sleep, or even the silent configurable vibration reminders for a workout or anything else.

    Still seems a good offering for the pre-order price point especially for what it offers for the target demographic. I'm likely to pick one up but I think if the Moov continues, gen 3 or 4 might be pretty nifty.

  • br27540·

    I'd agree with a previous comment.   I'd love to see Apple Watch support.  Now that the watchOS 2.0 supports native apps I'd hope it would be possible to connect to the sensors without the phone.   

    Moov could use the watch's bluetooth audio and/or haptic vibrations for feedeback during the run/exercise.   

    ...I'm one of those that will not strap a phone to me while running or exercising.

  • vcio·

    Please be advised that the Android Apps are not as advertised. They do not work as expected, I have the 1st generation Moov and for example still no Cardio APP, the others work and the release time is delayed several months from schedule to Android, so be carefull.

  • isail·

    Been using the original MOOV since January. It is getting better but still pretty useless for me. it is a tracker for swimming, not for swimmers. With that I mean that it will only work if you just swim laps with regular strokes. As soon as you start to do drills (worst of all kicking) it looses track. I have not gotten a full count of my laps one single time and I swim three times a week. I've finally given up and told them I want a refund. I bought it for Swim and it has never worked for that purpose. The coaching is rudimentary now but I suspect it can get a lot better ... however they have to learn how to count laps first.

  • s2mUpNorth·

    Beware of the pre-order process. It says you can add additional devices by placing a new order and asking them to delete the original order. However, when I tried this the customer support just stopped replying to my mails. Initially they were very quick to respond, but not when things went wrong. This doesn't bode well for support in general. 

  • Disapointed·

    I got my MOOV NOW 2 days ago.  I am returning it.

    First off, after strapping it to my wrist and doing an hour on the treadmill it logged nothing because I held onto the heart rate sensors while walking.  So I decided to strap it to my ankle instead.  Went to bed and went to the gym, came home and no activity.  Then I realized the Pill looking bit that does the recording was not inside the band.  Low and behold it fell out of the holder (and it was on my ankle tight) when I was sleeping.  Not even 24 hrs and I almost lost it.  (like i did my Mi Band - which also fell out of the strap).

    I am already fed up with it.  It's in the box and going back.  

    I did one moov workout with it and it was boring. 

    The Data it did track was not as easy to find in the app. 

    I am getting a FIT BIT. 

  • InkdAngel·

    I was a pre-order customer for the Moov Now, and I am highly unsatisfied. I wore the device on my ankle the first day I received it and the circular tracker already fell out! I am shocked that this was made for high intensity workouts and it did not last me through a work shift. 

    I contacted customer service and received a reply, but paying an extra $40 to replace the missing piece is unacceptable. They stated that they are continuously testing the durability of the product. If I was aware of this in the beginning, I would have never purchased the product. 

    Paying more to chance an unstable product is not ideal. I am disappointed with not only the product, but the 'solution' as well. 

  • poorQuality·

    the device it self is fun, but the bands which come with the device to wear it, are more than poorly. i loose my device several times a day, while running, while sleeping, while walking, while watching TV. it is very poor and disappointing quality and it is just a matter of time when it will be lost definitively. I contacted custome support but nobody is willing to help. I have seen reviews from other users and this is a structural issue and it should be solved quickly, because the bands are not worth the price you pay for.

  • gfree2b·

    My partner and I both lost the discs within a week. The black rubber holder is incredibly flimsy. Having a wrist and ankle strap to interchange the disc is just stupid. It would've been so much better if it were a single product that could be worn on either the wrist or ankle
    What a waste of money.

  • limor·

    I ordered a 2 pack (for me and my husband), they arrived a couple of weeks ago. The very first day I was wearing it, the disc fell out of the wrist holder and disappeared, I was very upset seeing that I only had it for less then a day, lucky my son found it about an hour later in the car. 

    Thinking it a fluke I put it on again and enjoyed it for a while, however I guess there is a problem with the design since it disappeared again yesterday (probably for good this time) it seems that the watch like strap does not hold it properly, and when worn throughout the day it got dislodged from the strap at some unknown point.

    I loved it while I had it, the training programs were very good (I tried a couple of running and one walking), but the reality is that I spend 50$ for a 2 weeks trainer which is definitely disappointing !

    • tms89·

      I had the same experience.  My boyfriend bought me a MoovNow for Christmas. To get used to it and compare it to my Fitbit, I wore it around my ankle for about a week. I went to take it off one evening, and the aqua blue Moov disk was gone. I had only been out running errands that day. I searched all over the car and house. No telling where or when it fell out of the strap. How disappointing to have spent the money only to have it pop out of the strap and disappear. The device might be great, but I'll never know because the strap design failed miserably.

  • swimswam·

    MOOV has NO costumer service. When you have a problem with the device they only send  you "pre-written" responses, but you can never actually speak to anyone and the people who respond to your issues are completely incompetent! Save yourself the headache, don't get a Moov product. 

  • Gingernut70·

    I've had my Moov Now for about a month and I really like it for tracking my runs and coaching me to run better and more efficiently.

    There are some flaws but as Moov have said that they are a startup company and are testing the product at all times. I agree there are some flaws in that the disc has fallen out of the strap when I'm sleeping as the strap had twisted around and it fell out, but on my wrist during the day and for activity its been great.

    Having read peoples reviews about their disappointment with Moov Now I find it odd that they are complaining that they lost the disc in a car and also from the strap whilst it was on their ankle. I'm pretty sure the instructions say to put it on your ankle for running or cycling only and wear on your non-dominant wrist on other occasions. So whats so confusing about those instructions?

    As for taking my smartphone out with me then thats not a problem for me either as I like to listen to music whilst I'm running and it doesn't bother me that my iPhone 6 is either trapped to my arm or in a pocket. Why anyone would want to use an iPhone 6+ (i.e. tablet size) for physical activity is beyond me.

    All-in-all I think its a great product that does need some tweaks, like the strap being adapted to make the disc and strap more secure whilst wearing it and more activities for the app.

  • megan124·

    I really like my Moov so far, but last night it did fall out and my dog found it before me.  : (  I was worried I would l lose the device and now it is chewed up.  I think the only reason it didn't happen earlier was that I had been wearing socks long enough to cover the device on my ankle until last night. 

    Despite that I still want another one.  I will just have to make some adjustments in how I wear it and may do some work on how to keep it in the band, so I would recommend that other users be very careful with how you wear the device (long socks worked for weeks!)

    For me the device does not automatically link with my phone ever, but it is really simple to just press the device to make this happen.  I would also say that the app is not the most intuitive, but once you figure it out, it does give great data.  I also really like the coaching (minus the voice which sometimes is too robotic but also make me laugh when it tells me to "tighten your abs," but sounds like it says "tighten your ass." or sometimes sounds like it is speaking in vernacular)

    I am finding the coaching is motivating me.  For those that want a step count, it is in there while you are working out.  

    There is definitely room for improvement with the design of the band, some work on the app, but overall, I have been pleased with the device.  I am hoping that I can get another at a discount.  I thought it was a great deal to start (I paid $60). I am hopeful that the company is quickly working on an alternative band and app updates, but it is a good device and app.

    Also, it is truly waterproof!  I bathe in mine all the time and unlike my other fit bands, it still works afterwards.   

  • Stowler57·

    i am an extremely dissatisfied preorder customer. The device seems to have got lost in the post. They made me wait 5 weeks before  promising to replace. Now they don't even reply to emails. Avoid dealing with the vompany with the worst customer service. Avoid. Avoid.

  • MaconTrax·

    I use mine mostly for cycling.  As far as coaching, it constantly gives the same advice whenever I'm on a climb so I get it.

    • Does a fantastic job tracking cadence
    • It connects to my HRM
    • I have my cadence on the main screen but can see my speed, HR, and distance
    • I can tuck it in my sock instead of using the ankle strap


    • It has never auto-linked to my phone.  I have to push the button every time I do a workout.  It should alway auto-link.
    • I have to manually select my HRM when I start a workout.  It should remember and auto-link that as well.
    • I bounced my stats against Map My Fitness which I've been using long term.  There was a 500 calorie burn difference on the same workout.  That's a 50% difference.  :(
    • There was a 4/10 of a mile distance difference between MOOV and Map My Fitness on a 25 mile ride even though they both use my iPhone's GPS.
    • The device itself is small.  Easy to lose.
    • The wrist and ankle straps don't always hold the device well.  It's fallen out on me twice.

    Hopefully these are minor issues that can (mostly) be corrected in the app and a design change of the ankle and wrist straps.

  • Imalanlewis·

    i really don't understand these people saying that the device is falling out of the wrist band? Me and my three kids all have one and the only time it's come out of the wrist band was when my son has his on really loosely. It doesn't need to be tight, just snug. And being silicone it's stretchy and comfortable. 

    I think the device is great and the coaching is brilliant. 

    Only issue I have with it right now is the connectivity has been poor on one occasion, disconnecting from my phone during a run. I've reset my phone as I was having other problems with the phone too.. So I'll see where the fault lies over the next week or so.

  • Shaahin·

    Well -- I was just about to pull the trigger on a Moov Now, but I read about the faulty clasp on these, and even worse how their current customers were treated when they asked for a replacement. 

  • ThankingYou·

    I would just like to thank the people who took the time to wtite their review because as someone who was sold on the whole idea of getting one, reading your reviews have most definitely saved me the headache & heartache that many people on here have gone through. I am empathetic to such losses and hope you all have found something now that works for you. Again, thanks for taking the time to review for the rest of us

  • Dave_k·

    Clarity please? I read that you need your phone nearby for everything even swimming (which seemed ridiculous because surely most people leave their phone in a locker). This review however says that you can leave your phone in locker and sync after. Which is correct please and how does it sync if you're swimming out of range of the Bluetooth? Thank you 

  • aheil·

    Honestly I did a lot of research and I thought this was the fitness band for me (I loved the water proof capability, the coaching component, and the aesthetic). Unfortunately the battery pooped out after only 24 hours (it's supposed to last six months) and while customer service was getting back to me about that, the core device fell out of the wristband and was lost. A TOTAL waste of money and a huge disappointment. Only think about buying this product if those two BIG issue get fixed!

  • Shelley·

    I'm considering getting a Moov Now tracker.  I especially like that it is swimming pool friendly; I use pool for running and other cardio workouts.  I also use the treadmill,  stationary bike, and weights.   My question/concern is:  will the Moov Now track in-pool workouts as well as it does out-of-pool workouts?  

  • DeSoto1956·

    I have a major problem with the new Moov. It falls out way too easy. I lost mine within two weeks never to be found. My wife lost hers but fortunately we found hers.

  • kwbinmd·

    I had high hopes for Moov Now when I pre ordered. But alas it is another wearable that collects dust. I suppose it's my fault for not doing the due diligence beforehand. When I ordered, I was still running and had completed my first 4 5K races ever. I've been a sprinter all my life, so this was an accomplishment. I don't care about steps because honestly, unless you lead a completely sedentary lifestyle, you're probably getting either enough exercise or steps. I'm far more interested in the data after a workout. When I was running, I would dig into the data about heart rate, cadence, pace, etc.

    Due to knee problems I've had to stop running, at least on pavement. Treadmills don't give me any problems. I've moved back to an old love of mine, cycling. I avg 3 rides/week and 50+ miles/week. By this time it was winter which means hitting the trainer or rollers on the bike. Sadly, the Moov Now does not track indoor cycling. I know they've promised it, but it's been just about six months since I've had the unit and no indoor cycling support.

    I did have the opportunity to take it out once or twice on a ride, but here's the thing. Most serious cyclists already have a bike computer which will give 99% of the data from the Moov Now. That's the case for me. My Garmin Edge 500 does everything except power. However, most avid cyclists I know are also on Strava which estimates power in much the same way the Move Now does, which is good enough for this weekend warrior.

    One thing I did not consider for the cycling mode is the inability to hear the voice coaching. It's just not safe to cycle with headphones for obvious reasons. If I'm on the streets, I need to hear traffic, emergency vehicles, etc. On trails, I need to hear other cyclists passing, etc. Having the phone in my cycling jersey puts the phone behind me, which means there is literally no volume setting that will allow me to consistently hear the voice coaching in all but the quietest environment. All bets are off when riding in groups like we tend to do.

    My only other form of exercise is pickup basketball which I do 2x/week. Move works great at tracking the activity during pickup games. It also does a decent job of sleep tracking, though I rarely wear it during sleep.

    All said, an activity tracker is likely not for me as I'm already an active guy at 46. I manage to exercise 60 minutes 3-5x/week, which is likely more than most men my age. A tool that tells me how (in)efficient are and can show me cumulative stats would be a better fit for me. Moov Now does what it claims as best I can tell. It's just not that useful for me, but perhaps it will be for others.

  • Bouncin·

    does not and never has had a step counter, in the forum section of the website they promote the fact. it is an activity tracker that counts minutes active.

  • SFDonovan·

    My opinion is the Moov should not try to compete with everyday activity trackers.  They should do one thing and do it better than anybody.  Focus on swimming and only swimming.  Open water, pool, even find a way to track a cardio workout while stationary (resistance) swimming, which i am still looking for in a tracker.  Can't find one anywhere that will do what I need it to do.  Track my 30 minute pool workout when I am using resistance belt and bungee.

  • Tao·

    I wonder why all those wanting little motors buzzing signals to the user fail to consider you can't have your cake and eat it too when it comes to battery life. Motors eat a lot and a little watch battery will not last 6 months.  This is why the average life of a battery on a unit with buzzers,GPS,Bluetooth,etc can only expect to work about 9 days befor it must be recharged.  It would be nice to have a jack of all trades fitness tracker but then you would have to wear it like that singer who wears a clock around his neck because it would have to be as big to house ALL the features desired yet have enough battery capacity for decent run time. If no one wants to carry their phone in a butt pack,who would buy and wear such a tracker like a foo?

  • Lizzie·

    does the new moov have a basic step counter? 

  • Dyang707·

    Ordered a moov one month ago and never even received a shipping confirmation. Multiple attempts on their FB page and messaging them have resulted in two vague replies. I still haven't gotten a shipping confirmation or the moov, and have only been met with frustration trying to get an answer from their service reps. Stay away if you don't want to deal with a major headache. 

    • Vlad_Bronxi·

      sounds familiar :)

  • Vlad_Bronxi·

    bought the Moov now some time ago. was ok. Battery was empty very quickly (unfortunately I noticed exactly on the start line of the half marathon I was preparing for :( ).

    Then I also tried to buy the HR sensor. Never received the item. Tracking shows that it has been returned to the UK. Customer service not willing to refund but threatened to "fight" a chargeback which I now had to ask my bank to do. Still working to get my money back.

    Summary: Products might be good, but if you buy, buy from amazon or similar - not directly from the vendor! Or don't support these kind of vendors at all...

  • berag·

    I just swim. My training is only in the pool. I bought Moov now and I am completely satisfied. Before the pool I synchronize the device and free the memory and put it on my arm. When I get to the pool, I start training in the car and leave a smartphone in the car because the cabinets are insecure. When I get back from swimming, I start uploading a car and getting home is all over. The house looks at how many laps, the best time at 100 meters. How many strokes per lap. How many seconds per round. How many seconds per turn. How many meters per stroke. How many seconds per stroke. The battery lasts long. Moov now responds to me because while I swim I do not have a break. And I do not have time to look at it as much as I swim. I increased swimming from 1500 m to 1850 in 45 minutes. You need to buy a quality battery and it takes a long time. Initially, I had a problem with the battery. It's not striking at the pool and I do not want to focus on myself. No one at the pool use watch, only caps and glasses. Other devices do not have all the information I have.