The Atlas Multi-Trainer 3 is arriving to help track your reps in the gym

The strength training tracker is back with more exercises and an all-new design
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Atlas Wearables has announced the Multi-Trainer 3 sports watch, as it returns to wearables after two years in the cold.

The company's wearable catalogue already includes two generations of the Atlas Wristband - a wacky-looking strength training tracker with rep counting - and the Atlas Shape, a more traditional-looking device that added AI coaching and sleep monitoring. And now, it's branching out even further, producing a more rounded tracker.

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The company indicates the Multi-Trainer 3 will be compatible with more than 1,000 exercises, all backed up by an algorithm that's already helped log millions of reps through previous generations. That's a massive step up from the 200 exercises that the original Atlas Wristband launched with.

The Atlas Multi-Trainer 3 is arriving to help track your reps in the gym

And as the image of the companion app above shows, these will continue to focus on strength-focused exercises - so, everything from dumbbell rows and chest press to bicep curls and lat pulldowns. It also appears to have undergone a redesign, matching a similar look to Apple Health, while displaying heart rate, exercise and rep counting information.

Atlas says the watch is built with Asahi glass, stainless steel buttons and reinforced polymers, with the display remaining always-on and showing the wearer notifications, their daily activity and sleep stats. And interestingly, the heart rate monitor not only tracks heart rate, but also shows details on heart rate variability (the time interval between beats). All in all, it adds up to a light package, sitting at just 31g on the wrist - for reference, most Garmin watches will weigh between 45g - 50g.

Unfortunately, those interested in the Multi-Trainer 3 will have to be a patient, though, with it currently going through a soft launch via applicants only. The current wait time is around 5 - 8 weeks, though the company says general availability will arrive around Christmas.

And if its previous wearables are anything to go by, this could wind up being one of the top gym trackers to use for rep counting and exercise logging. In the past, we've found the strength tracking applications of other sports watch giants to be lacking, so here's hoping this can be the wrist-based hero the space is crying out for.

The Atlas Multi-Trainer 3 is arriving to help track your reps in the gym

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