What I'm Wearing: Apple Watch Series 3

What the team is rocking this week
What we're wearing this week
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Another week, another edition of What I'm Wearing. This is where the staff of Wareable show off all the wearables and accessories that take up real estate on our wrists each week.

You see, we tend to get a lot of wearables and accessories around here, from smartwatches to fitness trackers to bands. We put them all through their paces, but before we do that we like to give you a sneak peek here on What I'm Wearing.

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Plus, we just really like talking about wearables. Like, it's bad. We're always on the lookout for more, so if you've got some suggestions for us send them our way at editors@wareable.com. You may just see them here in the future.

Husain is wearing the Apple Watch Series 3 with Sport Loop

What I'm Wearing: The accessories and wearables on our wrists right now

What I'm Wearing: The accessories and wearables on our wrists right now

I'm a big fan of Apple's sport band. It's pretty much my daily driver. It not only looks sleek on the wrist, but it's pretty comfortable and versatile at the same time. It works in most settings and, should you need to go on a run or to the gym, it works nicely.

I recently got my hands on the Sport Loop to see how it compares, and I have to say it's much more comfortable thus far. It's soft and almost spongey, which doesn't make it feel like its constricting your wrist. Also, it's ever so breathable. My wrist feels free in this band.

I haven't yet tested it out during a more intense workout, like a 30 minute run or a heavy weights session, but I'm looking forward to doing so. This is a band that promises to absorb sweat. If you've worn the sport band, you know that sometimes when you sweat it can feel pretty uncomfortable. I doubt that'll be the case here.

As for looks, the band doesn't look bad. It does seem a bit frizzy at times, but I find that endearing. It's not as universal as the regular sport band or nylon band, but this is designed to get you through a workout comfortably, not be a style icon.

Michael is wearing the Healbe GoBe 2

What I'm Wearing: The accessories and wearables on our wrists right now

What I'm Wearing: The accessories and wearables on our wrists right now

This is a wearable I have been looking forward to trying out for a long time. While I can take a brief respite from having all manner of Wear smartwatches on my wrist, it's time for something different. If you followed my food tracking diary last year, then you'll be familiar with my pain in trying to finding a wearable and app combo that had the ability to help me keep a better track of what I was eating and maybe in the long run help me improve my diet. I know, I'm asking for a lot, and there's not a lot of groundbreaking options out there. But maybe this could be the one.

Now admittedly, this is not the prettiest wearable you are going to see. It's all plastic and has a primitive dot matrix display, but it's the raft of sensors and the metrics it promises to deliver that I'm most intrigued about. Like calorie intake automatic tracking, automatic tracking of burned calories and even monitoring my emotional state. It's this rich amount of food-related tracking that is going to convince me to wear it for the long haul. Even if it looks like it's been hit with the ugly stick. Stay tuned for my full verdict in a few weeks' time.

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