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The best sleep tracker apps to download for your Apple Watch

Yes, the Apple Watch can keep an eye on your sleep

The Apple Watch is creeping toward its fourth birthday, yet the most common question we get asked is still 'Does the Apple Watch track sleep?'. Sadly, the Apple Watch doesn't offer any onboard sleep tracking – fingers crossed it turns up in the Apple Watch Series 4. Until then though, there's a bunch of third-party apps that can make up for one of the smartwatch's biggest shortcomings.

The ones we've rounded up down below are what we think are the best of what's out there right now. None of them are truly amazing, and if sleep is what you want to track, there are other fitness trackers out there that do a better job.

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But if you're an Apple Watch owner looking to monitor your sleep, these are a good place to start.

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The best sleep tracker apps for Apple Watch

This is our favourite of the bunch right now. As its name suggests, AutoSleep's key feature is that it works automatically, unlike many of the other sleep tracker apps that require you to tell them when you get into bed. AutoSleep takes the thinking out of it, but it's also good when it comes to accuracy. When put up against dedicated devices like the Beddit 3, it produced close results, but you can tweak the sensitivity for better accuracy.

$2.99, Download AutoSleep


The best sleep tracker apps for Apple Watch

Sleep++ is one of the most popular Watch sleep apps going, and we reckon it comes down to the simplicity. The app is incredibly bare-boned, showing you a start button, stop button, and a little blue chart to display your sleep patterns. And that's it. Like AutoSleep, it can also write your sleep data to Apple Health, but on the down side you have to tell it when you're going to sleep/waking up.

Free, Download Sleep++


The best sleep tracker apps for Apple Watch

The first thing that struck us about Pillow was how vibrant it looked, but it's not a bad little sleep tracker either. It uses a combination of movement, sounds and heart rate to follow your patterns, and presents the data in gorgeous, easy-to-read charts. Again though, you have to manually start and stop your sleeps, which may help with accuracy, but it's something you can easily forget to do.

Free, Download Pillow

Sleep Watch

The best sleep tracker apps to download for your Apple Watch

Another on-watch app for tracking bedtime slumber, Sleep Watch automatically keeps tabs on the time, heart rate and stages of your sleep. It looks for "dips" in your heart rate that the makers suggest correlate with more restful sleep, and will give you a score based on the quality of your kip. You'll also get daily briefings and sleep trends over time, making it a powerful app for Apple Watch users.

Free, Download Sleep Watch


The best sleep tracker apps for Apple Watch

HeartWatch is a neat app that really digs into your heart rate data, and provides alerts if it notices any unusual, potentially concerning, activity. It also tracks your sleep, overlaying the HR data on top, so you can see your waking and sleeping heartbeat, and how they compare to your regular beats. The iPhone app could do with being a little less cluttered, but if you're particularly interested in the relationship between your heart rate and sleep, this is a great little app. We've found accuracy on it to be pretty good too.

$2.99, Download HeartWatch

Beddit Sleep Monitor

The best sleep tracker apps to download for your Apple Watch

Now owned by Apple, Beddit is one of the best sleep tracking companies out there. Its Apple Watch app, however, doesn't actually do the tracking, but relies on the sleep monitor sensor you'll need to buy. What it does do, however, is track and recommend daytime naps. Yes, this is a daytime sleep tracker. It can take a look at your sleep score, recommend a quick 30-minute power nap after lunch and off you snooze. It'll wake you up with a silent alarm and update your sleep score.

Free, Download Beddit

Sleep Pulse 3

The best sleep tracker apps to download for your Apple Watch

Sleep Pulse 3 is a fully-featured sleep app for your Apple Watch that does most of the work itself. It'll track your heart rate and motion, and there's a sleep view you can take a look at when you randomly wake up in the middle of the night - this'll show you your resting heart rate as well as how long you've been sleeping. There are also ways to track naps and record sleep talk. Best of all, all the sleep analysis is done right there on the Watch, not on your phone.

$3.99, Download Sleep Pulse 3

Sleep Tracker by Sleepmatic

The best sleep tracker apps to download for your Apple Watch

If Sleep Tracker looks familiar, it's because it does. It looks almost exactly like Fitbit's sleep interface, and the app - by Sleepmatic - is unashamed about it all. It sells itself as Fitbit sleep tracking for Apple Watch, though there are some differences. You're not going to get REM sleep here, but you will get automatic sleep tracking for both overnight sleep and daytime naps. Plus, you can see how much sleep you got last night in a handy complication.

$1.99, Download Sleep Tracker


  • TheActualPT says:

    Do any of these apps have the feature where it will sense your state of sleep and may wake you up a little earlier than your alarm if you're in an optimal state (lighter sleep) to awake more refreshed?

    My Microsoft Band 2 dies this week and I am now going to switch watches (and therefore phones,) and this "smart wakeup" feature is VERY NICE.

  • Kathcobcroft says:

    Correction: Sleep++ actually does do automated sleep tracking, you just need to turn it on in the phone app.

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