Apple Watch to get on-device App Store with watchOS 6, claims report

New watch faces, Complications and apps also incoming

WWDC is Apple's annual developer get-together, but it's also where the company reveals the next major iterations of its software. This year, according to a new report, the Apple Watch is in store for some major upgrades.

Bloomberg reports that the June event will see Apple announce some significant new features in the Apple Watch's next update - expected to be called watchOS 6 - including an on-device App Store.

Wareable wish list: What we want from watchOS 6

This was a top request on Wareable's watchOS 6 wish list, as it will give the smartwatch more independence from the iPhone. It also means you won't have to install apps on the phone before using them on the watch - thus saving you precious memory for more memes in your photo roll.

The addition of an on-wrist App Store could be especially useful for users of the LTE Apple Watch, as they'll presumably be able to download apps over their data connection. All of this is yet to be confirmed, however, so don't take this as gospel.

Apple's also reportedly bringing some new health features to the Watch: one will track menstrual cycles, another will give users pill reminders. These are features we've seen in other wearables - Fitbit has had a menstrual cycle tracker for a while - and third-party apps.

Apple's also bringing over a bunch of apps from the iPhone and iPad to the Watch: Voice Memos, Apple Books (so you can listen to audiobooks on the go) and Calculator.

There will be new Complications too: one will show the progress of whichever audio book you have on the go, but the others will focus on health, reflecting some changes being made on the iPhone. According to Bloomberg Apple is better integrating hearing aid support in the iPhone, and a new Watch Complication will show you how much battery life your hearing aids have left. Other Complications will measure external noise and rain data, the report claims.

Finally, expect new watch faces. There's a new 'Gradient' face on the way, which will give you a gradient of any color you choose; a 'California' dial mixing Roman and Arabic numerals; a redesigned 'Solar Analog' that apparently looks like a sundial; an 'Inforgraph Subdial' with larger complications; and two new 'X-Large' faces for those who just like to really see the time.

We expect this won't be the extent of the new features, which we'll see in full on 3 June.

Apple Watch will get get on-device App Store and new health features, claims report

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  • wear4·

    4 iPads and 3 iPhones later and I'm still a big Apple fan. That said I have not purchased an Apple watch yet but I have purchased 3 different Android Ware and 3 alternate OS system "smart" watches.

    I settled on the Huawei Watch, first edition. I've purchased 2 of them, one stainless steel and the other the gold version.

    Android Ware, now Ware, has made tremendous changes and improvements and I'm please with the results to date.

    The reason I don't purchase the Apple Watch is because of the form factor.

    I simply prefer a classic round watch. The internet was teeming with images of what the Apple watch might look like before it was announced and there were many versions that were round and looked great.

    If the day comes that Apple offers a round version I will probably buy it.

  • JimboH·

    Sleep tracking could already be a thing with the series 4. I easily get a day and a half out of my series 4 and often make it to two days. I don’t charge overnight so it’s normally either charging when I get home from work the evening after the previous days morning charge or every other morning. Even on a busy day where Ive done gos related fitness more than once in the day I still only charge every morning at most.