The best Apple Watch bands: Stylish straps from just $10

Straps for dressing up, going running and everything in between
Best Apple Watch bands in 2020
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There's no better way to customise your Apple Watch than with a new strap or band. While the official Apple options are *really* expensive, there are thousands of third-party options to suit any budget and wrist size.

So, whether you have a 38mm, 40mm, 42mm or 44mm Apple Watch, or you're looking for leather, stainless steel, Milanese loop bands or something sweat-proof for the gym, there are plenty of high quality, cost effective options out there.

Since the original Apple Watch the clasp and mechanism for adding and replacing straps has remained the same. While it's proprietary to Apple Watch, there's a huge market of thousands of options.

The only thing to bear in mind is that Apple changed the size of the Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5 to be 40/44mm, compared to 38/42mm on the Series 1 to Series 3.

Most vendors on Amazon (the best and easiest place to pick up low-cost bands) stock all four sizes, although increasingly the older 38/42mm is being phased out.

How do I know which Apple Watch strap to buy?

First, you'll need to know what size Apple Watch you have.

Up until the Apple Watch Series 3, you had a choice of 38mm or 42mm models. As the width of the quick connection point will be different, you'll need to pick the band compatible with your watch size.

From the Apple Watch Series 4 up to the latest Apple Watch Series 5, Apple offers 40mm and 44mm sizes. So again, make sure you pick the right size.

Hold the strip just below where your wrist bone sits and around where you would normally wear the band, wrap it around your wrist and line that up with the sizes of your Watch model.
Generally speaking, a small wrist is 5 - 6.5 inches and a large wrist is between 7 - 8.5 inches, but the good thing about many Apple Watch bands is that you can adjust with velcro or within the perforations of sports straps to find a very specific fit.

It's worth mentioning that some third-party straps might cause interference with the Series 5's new compass, so, if compass accuracy is important to you, be wary of certain straps with magnets inside.

Also, if you have bands that fit the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch models, they should fit their corresponding replacement. So, a 42mm Apple Watch strap should fit a newer 44mm device. That's useful if you've upgraded Apple Watch model but want to keep your favorite bands.

With that said, here are our pick of the best Apple Watch bands.

Southern Straps Brown Leather

Price when reviewed: $99.95

Southern Straps Brown Leather

Handcrafted in San Francisco, Southern Straps' Brown Leather strap uses a vegetable tanned full-grain Italian leather. And boy, does it feel good to wear. If you're looking for something to complement a suit, this band is for you – and it's still cheaper than an official Apple number.

We tested it during a wedding and found it drew a considerable amount of attention, with people asking whether it was a new band from Apple. It comes with either gold, black or silver lugs.

Fitlink Stainless Steel Metal Strap

Price when reviewed: $13.99

Fitlink Stainless Steel Metal Strap

Available in all Apple Watch sizes the Fitlink stainless steel metal strap is a classic option for anyone looking for a metal link band. It fits all Apple Watch editions and costs a fraction of the price of an official metal link band. There's no hiding from the fact that adjusting link bracelets is a pain, but the Fitlink comes with the tools to do it at home.

MCORS Milanese Loop

Price when reviewed: $12.99

Best Apple Watch Milanese loop band

The Milanese Loop is possibly the most popular style out there - and you can bag one in pretty much any colour from stainless steel to rose gold. We love our gold bands, and this is a low-cost way to get a seriously stylish loop.

This Amazon best-seller comes in all four Apple Watch sizes, and costs a fraction of the official price.

Biaoge Metal Band

Price when reviewed: $26.99

Best Apple Watch ladies metal loop

Not every third party Apple Watch band is a copy of official Apple Watch styles - and this one certainly ticks the box of being unique and high quality. Clearly a feminine design, it mixes dainty chains with a link bracelet – and comes in all Apple Watch sizes.

MIFA leather band

Price when reviewed: $25

Best Apple Watch bands leather mens band

If you're looking to add a touch of class to your Apple smartwatch yet don't want to pay big bucks, this leather strap should do the business. It comes in 42mm and 44mm flavours, making it Series 4 and Series 5 focused, and comes with steel adaptors and a buckle fastener.

INTENY Sport Loop

Price when reviewed: $8.99

Best Apple Watch bands nylon strap

A shameless copy of Apple's own nylon offering, it's a pretty good imitation at a fraction of the cost. The strap attaches via velcro, and has a two year warranty if you're not happy with the quality. A highly impressive Amazon review score indicates that few people have cashed in on their warranty. This is available in a variety of colors.

iGK Sport Band

Price when reviewed: $8

Best Apple Watch bands cheap silicone sport band

Silicon bands are perfect for those who like to get sweaty or swim with their Apple Watch – so it's handy being able to pick these up for less than $10 a pop. There are a bunch of colours available, and buying a few means you can leave one in your gym bag so you'll never have to suffer wearing a Milanese loop on the treadmill. Just make sure you clean and dry this one regularly to avoid any wrist rashes.

Marge Plus leather band

Price when reviewed: $12.99

Best Apple Watch bands cheap leather band

Likewise, there are plenty of leather strap options available on a shoestring, too. This genuine leather number has a metal buckle and improved strength making it well worth a pop.

Cinnamon leather band

Price when reviewed: $29.40

Best Apple Watch bands premium leather band

A lovely deep brown leather watch band, this cinnamon coloured leather strap comes in 38mm, 40mm, 42mm and 44mm flavours to suit Apple Watch Series 3, Series 4 and Series 5. It uses a buckle fastening, comes with Apple Watch fastening and hand-stitched detailing.

Carterjett sport tire strap

Price when reviewed: $19.99

Best Apple Watch bands rubber durable band

If you're into cars - or even if you're not - this tire-inspired silicone number has a certain unique charm. The durable soft silicone can also withstand sweat and moisture. As there aren't any screws or spring bars, you don't have to worry about it falling apart during an intense workout either.

Southern Straps Nylon Bands

Price when reviewed: $49.95

Southern Straps Nylon Bands

If you want something eye-catching and colorful, the Nylon Bands from Southern Straps are bound to stand out. They're available in a range of color options to stand out from the crowd.

Better yet, these handcrafted Apple Watch bands come with an unbeatable five year warranty, so you know they're built to last. The bands can be taken apart for cleaning and reassembled with ease thanks to a pegged spring bar.

These bands are compatible with every model of Apple Watch.

Rose Gold & Chocolate bracelet

Buy now: | $44.99

leather thin strap ladies apple watch band

The Apple Watch has a rep for being fairly chunky on the wrist, but buying a leather bracelet strap like this rose gold and chocolate number is a good way to reduce the bulk. It’s a double wrap style measuring just 7mm, making it substantially thinner than your average band even when wrapped twice. It’s made with leather, features an adjustable buckle, and loops nicely over the Watch fastening to add detail you can’t find elsewhere – but be warned, it only comes in 40mm and 44mm Series 4 sizes.

Casetify Classic Lady

Buy now: Amazon | $50

Best Apple Watch bands ladies nato band

It's hard to ignore this muted and classy Casetify strap, which puts a more feminine spin on the classic red, white and blue. Made from a refined plastic, it's durable and offers a genuine dose of class welcome among the legions of metal chainmail and leather that dominate the third party strap market. There's also a red, white and blue Classic 1970s men's version, too.


Buy now: | $99

Best Apple Watch bands premium tan leather band

Coming in a choice of six leather variations, Alto's bands are another consideration for those who aren't sold on Apple's own styles. Since it's leather, Alto indicates that the band will eventually develop into a different shade, and there are options for those with all Apple Watch sizes. And the great bonus of leather bands is that they're generally unisex-looking, meaning the only thing you have to worry about is the colour.

Pad & Quill Field Strap

Buy now: | $99.95

Best Apple Watch bands water resistant leather band

This is the sort of watch strap Bear Grylls would wear, but don't let that put you off. Pairing water-resistant Cordura fabric with full grain leather accents, its hard-wearing canvas build will stand up to whatever you can throw at it, day after day after day. Pairing substance with style, it looks effortlessly cool too, and is comfortable to wear all day.


Buy now: | From $89.99

Best Apple Watch bands premium leather band

Meridio comes about as close any any third-party watch strap brand to replicating Apple's own premium feel. We've tested out the company's standard leather options from its Nappa collection, as well as its more vintage bands. They're durable, have the same thin-leather style as Apple's collections and you even have the option to engrave your initials on.

If that's not enough for you, and you're okay with paying a little more, the Italian band-maker also fashions straps from pythons, crocodiles and even ostriches. Enough? Oh wait, there's also a few made from cat-sharks. Wild stuff.

Monowear Nylon Active

Buy now: | $31.99

Best Apple Watch bands nylon sport

You want a nice nylon strap, but you'd prefer it of the loop variety, like Apple's own Sport Loop strap. However, you also don't want to shell out for it. That's when you'll turn to Monowear's Nylon Active, a nylon loop strap. There's a genuine leather panel on the back and stainless steel lugs, making this a good match for either the aluminium or stainless steel Apple Watch variations.

Nomad Modern Leather

Buy now: | $29.95

Best Apple Watch bands green leather band

Nomad's leather straps are unlike others. The Modern Strap has got a bold, minimalistic style that's reminiscent of a sports band in the right lighting - but it's not, with slim-to-nil stitching and a refreshing slate grey colour. The straps are made out of Horween leather and are designed to patina over time, giving you a rugged long-term look to complement its modern design.

Coach Prints Strap

Buy now: | $150

Best Apple Watch bands coach leather flowers band

Coach has consistently released new Apple Watch strap collections every season, debuting brand new colors and graphics. One of its more popular collections is the Strap with Prints, which features pink roses on glovetanned leather. This one is only available for 38mm and 40mm models, however.