Tag Heuer Connected update adds new wellness and golf smarts

Fitness tracking and golf gets a big overhaul
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Tag Heuer has launched a double-whammy of updates for its Connected range of smartwatches.

It’s launched a new wellness app for fitness and health tracking, and updated its golf tracking app too for the Tag Heuer Connected and the Connected Golf Edition.

First off, the new Tag Heuer Wellness app is designed to track steps and workouts, offering deeper insights into activity than provided by Wear OS.

The wellness portion of Wear OS has been seriously neglected, and pretty much every Wear OS smartwatch brand has now launched a bespoke fitness tracking offering.

The Tag Heuer Wellness app tracks metrics including steps, calories burned and intensity minutes, with all data available at a glance. Steps and calories are also trackable goals, and you can set your own target from within the app.

There doesn’t seem to be dedicated workout modes, but the Wellness app will use the Connected smartwatch’s heart rate monitor to track time spent in heart rate zones.

All this information is also presented in the Wellness companion app on smartphone, and you get a weekly summary of activity as something of a motivator.

But that’s not the only addition to the app.

Tag Heuer Connected update adds new wellness and golf smarts

Tag Heuer has also overhauled its golf app with loads more insights into your game – and these additions also roll out onto Apple Watch users taking advantage of the excellent Tag Heuer Golf app for watchOS.

The on-watch mapping was our favorite element of the device from the excellent Tag Heuer Golf app, and this has now been made even more detailed, with the ability to see single trees on the course.

And the app will now offer club recommendations. You need to set up distances for each club within the app, but it will also use the shot tracking to train those numbers.

The company has also added shot distance tracking via the pushers on the device (including Apple Watch) and updated the scoring app to include stroke play, stableford and matchplay, including non-Tag Heuer using companions.

The update is rolling out now, so if you have a shiny Tag Heuer Connected or Golf Edition, check for it over the coming days.

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