MyKronoz ZeTime 2 is a hybrid smartwatch upgrade

Cheaper hybrid with watch face and mechanical hands mash-up also incoming
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Swiss-based smartwatch startup MyKronoz is ready to roll out new smartwatches in the shape of the ZeTime 2 and the ZePop.

The ZeTime 2 is of course the successor to the ZeTime, a hybrid smartwatch that raised a huge $8 million through crowdfunding. Despite that, it didn't get the greatest write-up in our comprehensive ZeTime review.

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MyKronoz is offering the ZeTime 2 in 44mm and 39mm stainless steel case options with both retaining that unique mechanical hands on a digital watch face set up. It's also making a few improvements that should help make the new ZeTime a bit more appealing.

There's now a fully round AMOLED touchscreen display with a 1.3-inch sized screen packed into the bigger Regular model and a 1.05-inch screen on the 39mm ZeTime 2 Petite model. You also get a microphone for voice recognition support and an improved user interface. Our main gripes with the first ZeTime centred on the screen quality and the underwhelming OS, so we are intrigued to see how well MyKronoz has addressed those issues.

In terms of other features you can expect, there's NFC on board, a heart rate monitor, a 3ATM water resistant design (down from 5ATM) and both watches should dish out up to 4 days battery in smartwatch mode and 60 days in analog mode. That's an improvement on the 30 days that the first ZeTime served up. It'll still be compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

Joining the ZeTime 2 is the ZePop, a cheaper alternative with the same hybrid watch design that comes in Regular (44mm) and Petite (39mm) case sizes. Both watches feature polycarbonate (plastic) designs with 1.22-inch or 1.05-inch, 240 x 240 TFT displays. On the sensor front both feature an 3-axis accelerometer and optical heart rate monitor, but miss out on the gyroscope sensor featured on the ZeTime 2. You do though get the same 3ATM water resistance rating and battery life is 3 days in smart mode or up to 30 days in analog mode.

The ZeTime 2 costs €199.90, which works out roughly to about . For the cheaper ZePop, prices drop to €129.90 . MyKronoz tells us that it's going to be on sale in December, just in time for Christmas if you like the look of it.

MyKronoz ZeTime 2 is a hybrid smartwatch upgrade

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