Mobvoi launches huge health tracking revamp

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Mobvoi has announced a revamp of its health and fitness tracking platform, to provide users with more data from their workouts.

The newly named Mobvoi Sports and Health Data Platform collects and analyzes TicWatch health data – including steps, distance, heart rate, stress levels, blood oxygen, sleep stages, sleep heart rate, sleep blood oxygen. 

It displays the data in one place and focuses on visualizing data captured by Mobvoi smartwatches, emphasizing comparisons.

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Each view will show up to 7 days’ worth of data, and you can plot each day separately.

MobvoiMobvoi Sports and Health Data Platform

Workouts are also given the data comparison treatment. You can pull together workout sessions and independently compare each aspect, including pace, time, and heart rate.

And you can export your workout data in .tcx format, which means it’s compatible with Garmin, Coros, and Polar platforms.

The focus on tracking health trends and comparing data means that Mobvoi’s health platform more closely resembles that of Fitbit and Whoop – each of which has a dashboard of core health metrics.

However, it will be interesting to see if the company offers longer-term trends. Fitbit will show Health Metrics Dashboard data for up to 30 days (with Fitbit Premium).

The new Mobvoi Sports and Health Data Platform will bolster the potential of the next TicWatch smartwatch – which is rumored to be the TicWatch Pro 5. It’s already been teased by Mobvoi, and could be the first Wear OS watch to run the new Qualcomm Snapdragon W5+ platform.

Mobvoi has also recently announced that it would offer premium sleep-tracking features for a monthly subscription.

MobvoiMobvoi Sports and Health Data Platform

It still hasn't given its customers any information about when its smartwatches will receive the Wear OS 3 update

“It is essential for TicWatch users to receive premium updates and data improvements on a consistent basis,” said Robert Zhang, vice president of engineering at Mobvoi.

The irony won’t be lost on its users.

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