Huawei Watch GT is half price in Amazon UK's early Black Friday deals

Huawei's smartwatch has never been cheaper in the UK
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If you're quick, you can pick up the Huawei Watch GT for a record low price courtesy of Amazon UK's early Black Friday deals. Right now, it's down to just £99.99, a saving of 50% but this deal is only going to last one day and marks the start of Amazon's 8 days of Black Friday deals.

For context, the previous best price was during Amazon Prime Day earlier in July, where it dropped temporarily to £119.99. Now that it's 50% off, that's a significant saving on a sporty smartwatch.

Packing in GPS and a heart rate monitor, the Huawei Watch GT can track the most popular exercises including running, cycling and swimming. It will also work with both Android and iOS smartphones.

We gave the Huawei Watch GT a 3.5/5 review score when we tested it back when it was full price. Now that it's £99.99, there aren't many smartwatches packing the same amount of features.

We were particularly enamoured by its 1.39-inch, 454 x 454 AMOLED screen, stating "it's among the best we've played with". Our review concluded: "The Huawei Watch GT veers away from the game that Apple, Samsung and Google are playing, instead choosing to prioritise battery life and an operating system that focuses on the essentials – all for a decent price."

The Huawei Watch GT uses Huawei's own LiteOS operating system. The move to adopt its OS meant the Chinese tech giant could dish out up to two weeks of battery life while making use of the built-in GPS, heart rate monitor and notification support.

That price is now even better at £99.99, making it a stronger recommendation for those on a budget. But be quick, as this deal is only going to last one day.

If you're after other deals this Black Friday, be sure to check out our other hub pages during the sale period.

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