Breitling Exospace B55 Connected is a smartwatch for pilots and it's now on sale

This Baselworld watch is back and only pilots will be able to afford it
Breitling Exospace B55 is on sale now
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Back in March at Baselworld, Breitling revealed it would be jumping into the wearable tech world, albeit keeping a firm grip on its traditional timepiece roots, with the Breitling B55 Connected.

The Swiss watchmaker's connected watch is now known as the Breitling Exospace B55 Connected and is launching with a tweaked design to what we saw at the watch expo. Now on sale, it's as pricey as you'd expect, costing $8,900.

The B55 uses Bluetooth LE to connect to a smartphone, which allows you to add functions such as setting a second timezone, alarms and reminder vibrations. The watch is based on Breitling's Caliber B50 chronograph movement, announced in 2014.

The company's first smartwatch is aimed at pilots, so a lot of the smart features involve chrono flight time logs and countdowns to 'mission start'. With digital and analog displays and Breitling's SuperQuartz movement for keeping time up to ten times more accurately than standard quartz (dubbed SuperQuartz), it's kept its heritage intact.

There's also a backlight for the LCD displays which automatically switches on when you tilt the B55 towards you at a 35 degree angle or you can press the watch's crown. There's smartwatch-style notifications too - the duo of displays alert users to things like incoming calls, texts and social media messages.

It's Swiss-made and there's no ugly Micro USB port - its Li-on battery recharges via a magnetic connector. Still, the rubber-style straps make the overall look classic meets sporty.

We said the Exospace B55 Connected is a part-smartwatch and that's true because a lot of the functions we are used to describing on smartwatches are missing. It comes in three colours and is on sale direct from Breitling now.