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Fitbit Versa bands and straps: Our pick of the most stylish options

Learn to tailor Fitbit’s most customisable wearable yet

Fitbit Versa owners have got a seriously powerful smartwatch on their wrist, but with a bustling market of stylish bands and straps, it's customisable, too.

After the company pivoted towards smartwatches last year with the sporty Ionic, this year saw it find success with its self-described mass appeal smartwatch. And there’s plenty of reasons why. Not only is this wearable very easy on the eye, it’s also one of Fitbit’s most customisable yet – that means there are plenty of ways to make it your own.

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If you’re the type to keep your Versa on through rain or shine, gym or sleep, you’ll want to invest in a couple of bands to keep things fresh. And while Fitbit has a very strong collection of its own rubber, leather and metal bands, below you’ll find the best third-party Versa bands you can buy right now.

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Kimilar sports band

The Best Fitbit Versa bands 2018: Top third-party straps to accessorise your smartwatch

The Fitbit Versa is able to replicate the Apple Watch's looks perhaps better than any other smartwatch on the market, and that impression can be bolstered further by hitching the Kimilar perforated sports band to your device. A carbon copy of the Apple Watch Nike+ model, you can pick this strap up in a number of different two-tone variations, including the black and green option shown above.

$7.99 | Amazon

Bayite bling band

The best Fitbit Versa bands 2018: Top straps to accessorise your smartwatch

Sitting on the other end of the spectrum to the sporty band above is this dressy metal band from Bayite. Available in five colours – black, silver, rose gold, rose pink and gold – this band fits wrists between 5.5-inches and 8.1-inches and uses a clasp mechanism to keep things locked in place. This isn’t one for everyday use, we’d say, but definitely one of the stronger third-party offerings for those wanting to add a bit of bling to their wrist.

$19.99 | Amazon

Bayite leather band

The best Fitbit Versa bands 2018: Top straps to accessorise your smartwatch

Bayite doesn’t stop there with its bands, with the company’s leather Versa options also worth considering. We’re big fans of Fitbit’s own leather bands, but they're expensive ($49.99), and you can make a very tidy saving by instead opting for this third-party band.

The design is a little different, and it’s not same fancy Horween leather of Fitbit’s own options, but if you’re after a simple leather band coming in a range of colours, Bayite’s is your best bet. Just note that you’ll need to weigh up the sizing (5.5–7.5-inch wrists) before you look to add this one to your collection.

$11.99 | Amazon

Kmasic sport band

The best Fitbit Versa bands 2018: Top straps to accessorise your smartwatch

Another Apple Watch lookalike here, and one that closely resembles the entry-level sport band of the Versa rival. There’s nothing flashy about this option from Kmasic, but it does come in a range of colours and is considerably cheaper than Fitbit’s own rubbery sport bands.

The only thing you really need to worry about here is the sizing – the small band fits wrists of between 5.5-inches and 7.5-inches, while the large accommodates those between 6.3-inches and 8.3-inches.

$9.99 | Amazon

Youkex colourful strap

The best Fitbit Versa bands 2018: Top straps to accessorise your smartwatch

Many of the options on this list provide a replica of something offered by Fitbit or Apple, but this colourful band from Youkex gives you something a little different to the standard, run-of-the-mill options. It can be a little tough to clip into place, like many other Fitbit Versa bands, but this can certainly brighten up your wrist if you’re tired of the obvious, one-tone bands.

$10.99 | Amazon

Hooroor Milanese loop

The best Fitbit Versa bands 2018: Top straps to accessorise your smartwatch

It wouldn’t be a third-party band list without a Milanese loop option first popularised (again) by Apple. The difference here, of course, is the snipped rate at which you can pick up one of the eight different straps.

And with Fitbit itself only offering metal link bands, this is a great option for those who also don’t want the faff of dealing with a watch tool. Just make sure you’re picking the right size and you’re good to have this magnetic clasp lock in wherever feels comfortable.

$7.90 | Amazon

Bayite thin leather band

The best Fitbit Versa bands 2018: Top straps to accessorise your smartwatch

Bayite’s regular leather band shown above is a good replica of Fitbit’s own bands, but this thinner variant offers wearers something slightly different. Coming in 12 different colours and patterns, this makes the already-light Versa feel even more feathery on the wrist. Definitely a more women-friendly option than many other third-party straps.

$12.99 | Amazon

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