Fitbit unveils new PH5 collection bands for its Versa smartwatch

Now you can style it to look even more like the Apple Watch
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Fitbit has unveiled a series of new fashion bands for the Versa smartwatch, after partnering with the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

The straps in the Fitbit Versa PH5 collection are each knitted, coming in either a striped, ribbed or 'metallic' design, and two colour variations. The latter, which essentially is a knit look with a subtle metallic shimmer, comes in both black and silver, while the knit rib look comes in pink/white and a navy with pink and light blue trims (shown above).

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Each $39.95 band is available now for users looking to style up their smartwatch, though be aware that the two outlined above are only available from the Fitbit store, while the stripe knit pairing is exclusive to Target for those in the US.

As you can probably gather from both the video below and the styles we've just described, this is a collection that is not only fashion-forward, but one pretty much exclusively aimed at women. It also mimics what we've seen with the Apple Watch, giving users designer options to choose from, as well as the company's own. And given that the Versa already looks a little like Cupertino's smartwatch, which offers its own, similar knitted bands, the similarities are set to become even more palpable.

With that said, the move doesn't really come as a shock. Fitbit has routinely partnered with fashion houses on its more versatile trackers, such as the Fitbit Alta HR, though these typically catered for both men and women.

Back in June, Fitbit noted that it had sold one million Versa units since it went on sale earlier in the year, which appeared to show more popularity than the more sporty Ionic managed during its initial months. And with female health tracking recently debuting through the Versa, and now a designer collection of bands, Fitbit is positioning itself as the go-to option for women looking to buy a smartwatch.

Whether it's latest moves are enough to see it seriously challenge the Apple Watch and others remains to be seen, but the company is doing all it can to cater to its biggest audience, it seems.

Fitbit unveils new PH5 collection bands for its Versa smartwatch

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