Best Fitbit Versa and Sense watch faces to download

Great faces for your Versa or Sense
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With a growing stable of smartwatches, Fitbit is quickly becoming a more popular platform for people to track their health from – but the insights you get by glancing at the device largely depend on your chosen watch face.

Called Clock Faces, and available to change only through the companion app, Fitbit now has a large collection of digital and analog options for you to pick from.

Whether you own a Fitbit Versa 3, Versa 2, Versa, Versa Lite Edition or Sense, you can trawl through the library and switch from a fitness-focused face to a traditional one in mere seconds.

Below, we've picked out some of the best Fitbit Versa watch faces available right now. However, be sure to check back, as the list of options is growing, with more and more developers submitting fresh creations to Fitbit.

How to change Fitbit Versa/Sense watch face

Best Fitbit Versa and Sense watch faces to download

It's easy to access the Fitbit watch face gallery. Just head to the Fitbit app and then follow the instructions:

  1. Go to your account options by tapping your profile picture
  2. Tap your synced Fitbit device
  3. Choose Clock Faces
  4. Tap the All Clocks tab at the top
  5. Tap the watch face you want to install and then choose Select
  6. Review the permissions and press Install.

Best Fitbit smartwatch watch faces

About Time

Best Fitbit Versa and Sense watch faces to download

Similar to the FlashRing and Moment Clocks faces from the Fitbit Ionic, About Time gives you a simple layout that includes four stats icons – steps, active minutes, heart rate and calories – below the time and date. You won't be able to customize these, unfortunately, but they do give you a stylish and reliable option to keep coming back to when you're done getting creative with other faces.


Best Fitbit Versa and Sense watch faces to download

Bottom line, Bold is just a great looking watch face. It fills up your screen with big colors, icons to indicate the stats being shown off and there is enough room of course squeeze in the time. You'll be able glance at heart rate, steps, battery life and even your active minutes. It's a great fit for Fitbit's vibrant color display and definitely one of our faves.

Retro Sunset V

Best Fitbit Versa and Sense watch faces to download

This 1980s inspired watch face just looks great. Tapping in the centre switches between all that important health data, including steps, distance and calories burned. It first appeared on the Ionic, and now it's adapted for Versa devices and is one of the best to show off the vibrant screen of Fitbit's smartwatch family.

Rainbow Weather II

Best Fitbit Versa and Sense watch faces to download

This paid-for animated face gives you a 30 minute trial to let you decide whether this weather-centric option is for you. Along with showing off your fitness stats and smartwatch elements like battery indicator, you can display temperature alongside a nice big moving icon to let you know whether you should grab a coat before heading out.


Best Fitbit Versa and Sense watch faces to download

Just like the Apple Watch, Fitbit's Versa line also allows you to use your favourite photos as your watch face. Photograph allows you to take any image within your smartphone's camera roll, pinch and resize to your taste and then add them to the smartwatch.

Unfortunately, this face doesn't come with the option to customize the placing of the date and time, or indeed the color or metrics shown, but it's definitely one worth exploring if you don't necessarily need to see your stats every time you flick your wrist.


Best Fitbit Versa and Sense watch faces to download

If you're more interested in staying calm and paying closer attention to your mental wellbeing, this really minimal watch face will give you the time and one additional metric. That could be your steps, or you could just stick to having the date alongside the time. In addition to that, you'll have a shortcut to Fitbit's Relax app to take in some guided breathing exercises.

Modern Analog

Best Fitbit Versa and Sense watch faces to download

For those who want to ditch the digital look for something more traditional, check out Modern Analog. You get the bonus of a small heart rate indicator in the bottom corner, and also a date counter in the center, and you even get to control the color of both the minute hand and heart rate icon to match your style.


Best Fitbit Versa and Sense watch faces to download

One of our favourites from the Ionic makes it across to the Versa line, with Arrows allowing you to get a clean, colorful look at your day. You'll get six stats spots, with the metrics and colors of the top four arrows all easily changed. Even the background color can be toggled, making this one of the more customisable options within the store. You'll initially get a 24-hour free trial with Arrows on your wrist before having to subscribe.


Best Fitbit Versa and Sense watch faces to download

Dropping a sizeable splash of color on your Versa or Sense, Tropicale focuses on time, dropping the date and your step counts in the middle of the staggered clock numbers. You can also tap on the screen to scroll through your activity stats without leaving the screen. It's simple, colourful and one of the best faces we think you can put on your Versa or Sense.


Best Fitbit Versa and Sense watch faces to download

One of the latest faces to come to the Fitbit's Clock Face collection is thanks to a partnership with Snap Inc. and Bitmoji. Now, Fitbit users are able to link their Bitmoji to their Fitbit account.

You'll have to sign up through the Fitbit app once the face is downloaded, but once that's done your avatar will continually change pose throughout the day. You can also teleport a new version over, if you've made some changes. The background color can also be tweaked, as well as the date and month format.

Weather Land

Best Fitbit Versa and Sense watch faces to download

As the name suggests, this face is all about the weather, showing you the current temperature alongside a scenic, geometric-style background. You can even display some fitness stats. It's one of the best looking watch faces currently available, but it does come at a small price.

You can live with the face for 24 hours, but then you'll need to pay $1 to unlock it forever. It also takes a bit longer than your average Fitbit watch face to download, but it's well worth the wait.


Best Fitbit Versa and Sense watch faces to download

Fancy freshening up the usual grids and tiles with something a little more creative? Look no further than Starry, a night-themed face that lets you customize the background of the night sky and the stars, while also receiving an insight into battery life through the moon in the top right and how close you are to crossing your activity goal (either steps, floors, calories, distance or active minutes) through the planet in the bottom left.

Heart rate monitor

Best Fitbit Versa and Sense watch faces to download

When Fitbit OS 2.0 launched, it brought with it the new Today dashboard, making it easier to view resting and average heart rate data.

Heart rate monitor embraces that data and takes full advantage of the Versa range's screens to display HR readings from the last seven minutes.

When your heart rate spikes or drops, it changes color to indicate the different heart rate zones. It looks like it's been inspired by the graphs used inside the Fitbit companion app, and if you care about keeping an eye on your ticker, it's an essential download.


Best Fitbit Versa and Sense watch faces to download

We thought we'd move to the simplest end of the spectrum, here, with the Minimal Clock Face. This analog offering is basic and clean, but can get a little more involved with the addition of metrics like the weather or your heart rate around the display. We really like the straightforward looks offered by Minimal.


Best Fitbit Versa and Sense watch faces to download

Sometimes you just want that data front and centre, and easy to see when you look down at your wrist. This is one watch face that certainly delivers on that front. If you want to know if you're nailing your steps or need to keep closer tabs on your resting heart rate, this big, bold Versa-exclusive face is one of the slickest options to get onto your smartwatch.

Dark Side

Best Fitbit Versa and Sense watch faces to download

Pink Floyd fans will know the inspiration for this watch face, but it's more than just a simple homage to that iconic album cover. The colors can be configured to indicate the time and date, with the colored section showing your activity progress. It's one of the best examples of a face that displays data in a really unique way.


Best Fitbit Versa and Sense watch faces to download

This football-inspired Fitbit watch face is optimised for the Versa, but does work on the Sense too, letting you move the ball on screen by moving your wrist and tapping to put the ball in the back of the net. You can also pick your favorite country to tag that ball with colours of your chosen nation. It's a fun face made even better by the fact you can interact with it too.


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