Basis recalls Peak smartwatches due to overheating and burns issues

Wearing a Basis watch? Intel wants it back

All Basis Peak smartwatches have now been recalled by Intel, due to overheating issues. Customers will get a full refund as software updates haven't managed to fix the problem.

In June, Basis Peak sales were halted after a small number, 0.2% of total smartwatches sold, were found to be overheating, causing burns, blisters and discomfort.

Basis sent details of the problems to its 'community members'. To fix it, it began work on a software update, which would mean the Peak would power itself down if it overheats.

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Meanwhile, Basis was advising users not to wear their Peak until the update was ready and stopped sales worldwide. Basis also pointed out that unhappy Peak users could get a full refund via its support website. Basis B1s aren't affected.

As recently as April, the Intel-owned company was releasing software updates for features like controlling music and adding more workouts to make sure that Peak owners continue to use their smartwatch.

It's a blow to both Basis and Intel. We don't know how many devices it has sold so far, so it's hard to tell how many people are affected in that 0.2%.

Unfortunately for Basis though, that's not the end of it. It's also reporting that some customers' charging cables are overheating and melting as well. There's some advice on the site if you're having these problems.

We'll keep you updated with any further information from Basis on this issue.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Have you experienced any problems with the Basis Peak overheating or burning your wrist? Let us know below in the comments.

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  • Rockm·

    you didn't answer the first question of "is it real?" please re-write this Blog or what ever this is and answer the first question

  • mattm·

    Rockm, Unfortunately this issue is real and my Basis Peak was one of the impacted units. I was lucky and able to remove it before it did any harm, but it did get up to 140F.  I hope they can solve this before too many people get injured.

  • ashersil·

    Reading this review it would seem there is some kind of imminent danger, but it is way overstated.

    I have used the tracker for almost 2 years and I love it. Most people who use it would think that the removal is a huge overreaction by Intel/Basis since they have brought the watch to the verge of perfection through a series of firmware upgrades which have brought incremental functionality (Which basically render any reviews prior to 2016 completely inaccurate).

    I admit I have experienced the occasional discomfort but I have put it down to tightening the strap too tight, or wearing it continuously for too long (I only have to recharge it every 5 days).

    The accuracy is as good, perhaps better than my polar chest-strap and it records perspiration and skin temperature as well, all continuously. I have 18 months of daily statistics (for each minute)

    its low key UI grows on you over time, having added stopwatch, alarm, iOS/Android notifications, music control and other functionality subsequent to my original purchase. I appreciate small things such as waking and turning on the backlight by stroking the right hand side of the display, which is simple genius (It has no buttons or moving parts). Being woken by gentle vibration on your wrist is far better than almost any alternative I have tried.


    I started with Basis with the launch of the B1 and then purchased the Peak as soon as it came out.  I LOVED their product, but the Peak had problems from the very beginning for me.  The screen would get all pixelated and unreadable; sometimes freezing like that and I would have to do a hard reset.  The most troubling thing for me was the pain that I started to get in my wrist.  I noticed that my wrist started feeling like it was very sensitive to motion almost like would just ache and the ache became more and more.  I stopped wearing the Peak and noticed that the pain stopped in a couple of days.  I've never worn the Peak or any watch so tight that it would cause circulation problems, and so I decided to give the Peak another shot.  Within a couple of weeks my wrist was back to the same thing, so I started not wearing it at night and only used it during the day.  This seemed to help a great deal.  I reported both the screen problems and the wrist pain to Basis Peak Customer service and the wrist pain was never even acknowledged...this was less than 6 months after I purchased the Peak.  Over and over again I was told that I just needed to reset my Peak to fix the pixel problems and that the firmware update should fix it.  That never fixed it and any change of temperature like direct sunlight if I was driving my car and my left arm was resting on the window frame would cause the screen the flake out.  I also noticed it when visiting up North during the winter.  The screen did the same thing in the cold.  

    I still very much believe in the product and believe it was the very best health tracker on the market.  Companies make mistakes and push too fast.  I hope they learn from this and launch an even better product in the coming months.  I would gladly lay down my new Apple Watch to strap on a fixed version of the Peak. 

  • futureanticip8d·

    We love our Peak Basis watches and it absolutely sucks that this has happened. I get why they are doing the recall because I'm sure there are thousands of lawyers only too willing to take class action law suits against a company with deep pockets like Intel. I'm not sure where I'm going to get a product that fulfills all the same needs the Basis did for me. As an earlier user above mentioned, all of the reviews that complained about deficiencies prior to 2016 are void because they addressed all of them. I too had the pixelation issue but it was solved by just restarting the watch any time it happened so it was no biggie in my case. The new straps resolved any discomfort on the skin on the wrist which is happening with most trackers that are worn on the wrist including other brands. I hope there will be another product because the basis watch checked all of the boxes I had for an activity monitor, alarms, vibrating wake up, stop watch, messages, great hr monitor, comfortable and great battery life with a good dashboard for data. I recharged mine every 4-5 days which is ridiculous for an always on product, Again, this just sucks and I hope this is not the end of the product, 

    • robert--·

      Sucks that they are now shutting down the Peak completely and telling everyone to get a refund.  Personally I'm a little disgusted by this.  All the Peak owners I've talked to that purchased the watch back before Intel took over haven't had any issues.  Intel probably switched out their batteries/cables for cheaper parts and higher profit margins for them.  I've been trying to find a Fitness tracker that compares to the Peak for accuracy, simplicity, ruggedness and haven't found a single one that I feel would hold up or that got as many positive reviews as the Peak for being accurate.  I'm rather disgusted by Intel's decision to no longer support Peak, shutting down their online service and rendering the people that still have Peaks completely unable to use the tracker in any way shape or form.  For the supposed small amount of people that actually suffered from the issue the other 100's of users that have had the Peak since launch shouldn't be screwed out of a perfectly awesome fitness tracker.

  • Pgyuf·

    I'm very angry. Peak is no flawles, but anybody can show me smartwatch with similar features?

    4-5 battery life

    Automatic workout recognise, and sleep

    Water proof

    Show sms call

    Wake up

    And what is the next smart watch from Intel?   What is the plan? Nothing?

  • Redrock·

    As a long term Peak user I'm pretty sad about this, and just want to reiterate what other users have said. The Peak is probably the most accurate tracker out there now, and when you couple that with long battery life, automatic activity detection and basic smartwatch functions, it's a mystery why it didn't sell more.

    This looks and smells more like a business decision (i.e. Intel have lost the appetite for selling wearables direct), but they could have at least had the good grace to sell the business to someone else so existing users could continue. 

  • jcole·

    It's November 2016 and I've been waiting until the end of the recall period to send my Basis PEAK watch back. I don't want to return it! The minute by minute heart rate tracking is what I'm most in love with. I have a chronic health condition I'm getting treatment for and my heart rate is one of the primary metrics I can track in order to assess my current state of health day-to-day and effectiveness of my treatment program.

    I have yet to find any watch that can match the PEAK in terms of its continuous heart rate monitoring analytics. The dashboard for viewing data they created is perfect! I've worked in big data in past years and it's challenging to develop a good UI...and they did very well. So I'm even more sad that the company is shutting down. Such a bummer.

    Anyone know good alternatives that will be coming out?

    And are they just selling off the company assets? Or is another company buying them out? What's happening to the company itself and all their developed assets?

  • Jodianne·

    I love the product and I do not want to buy a different product!  Please find a solution, Intel/ Basis and relaunch the product! Most people loved the product over all, even with the errors! I had the peak and the B1! Loved both! There is a market of dedicated people! The Apple Watch is not comparable to me. Some suggestions: keep B1 design, slimmer bezzle would be great, make it water proof, fox syncing through I-phone... amazing product!