Fitbit posts record numbers as it readies new trackers

Fitbit proves the fitness tracker is alive and kicking
Fitbit is shipping a shed load of trackers
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After some gloomy numbers around fitness tracker sales last month, it seems it's still all about Fitbit, as it posted record sales figures.

The company just announced its Q2 results and the tl;dr version is that it's selling a shed-load of trackers and making buckets of cash.

Fitbit shifted 5.7 million trackers in the quarter, with 54% of those the Blaze and Alta. It also revealed that two-thirds of its sales are to first-time customers, showing that there's still plenty of interest in the fitness tracker market from those looking to jump on board.

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It's also raking in the big dollars, with revenue 46.5% up, standing at an impressive $586.5 million for the quarter. Not bad at all.

Fitbit shareholders are notoriously skittish, but the news set share prices up 8%, a second lift in a month, after Wareable revealed that the company was readying two new fitness trackers, codenamed Laryon and Fermion, for IFA 2016.

We're still not sure what these might be, but all signs are pointing to updated Fitbit Charge and Fitbit Flex models, and perhaps an attack on the cheaper end of the market, which would tackle the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 head on.

Xiaomi's cheapo fitness trackers have long been touted by Fitbit skeptics as a death knell for the company's prosperity, as has the Apple Watch. However, its resilience lead to CEO James Park calling the perceived threat of other brands a “misconception" claiming that none of Fitbit's competitors had remotely changed the game.

Source: Yahoo